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Nice Mask! - A guide to Yurnero, the Juggy

November 5, 2013 by TheGooGaming
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Works in any case, but is better at solo mid

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

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Nice Mask! - A guide to Yurnero, the Juggy

November 5, 2013


Juggernaut is one of my favourite heroes for a couple of good reasons. His base speed is relatively fast, he has inbuilt magic inmunity, inbuilt invulnerability, inbuilt crits and inbuild ridiculous healing. Sounds amazing right? Also, his ultimate can take almost anyone down in a matter of seconds while they cant do anything to stop it, if they are alone of course, if not its not going to quite work. If you are new to the game its a great hero to start off since its not that hard to play, and its very rewarding.


"No one has ever seen the face hidden beneath the mask of Yurnero the Juggernaut. It is only speculation that he even has one. For defying a corrupt lord, Yurnero was exiled from the ancient Isle of Masks--a punishment that saved his life. The isle soon after vanished beneath the waves in a night of vengeful magic. He alone remains to carry on the Isle's long Juggernaut tradition, one of ritual and swordplay. The last practitioner of the art, Yurnero's confidence and courage are the result of endless practice; his inventive bladework proves that he has never stopped challenging himself. Still, his motives are as unreadable as his expression. For a hero who has lost everything twice over, he fights as if victory is a foregone conclusion."

Pros and Cons


-Nice Movement Speed
-Inbuilt Magic Inmunity
-Inbuilt Invulnerability
-Inbuilt Amazing healing
-Inbuilt Critical hits
-Devastating Ultimate (If used properly)

Cons :(
-Hp pool is kind of poor.
-Semi farm dependent.
-Blade Fury + Omnislash combo will deplete your mana in most cases.


Blade Fury: Causes a bladestorm of destructive force around Juggernaut, rendering him immune to magic and dealing damage to nearby enemy units. Lasts 5 seconds. And costs 110 mana in all levels.

The Radius is 250. And does DPS (Damage per second for newbies) for: 80, 100, 120 and 140 for its respective levels.

-While spinning you are magic immune, you dont get slowed down, you can deal up to 400, 500, 600 and 700 damage if you get all 5 seconds in.

-Although it seems as you are, you cant auto attack during blade fury, of course it does not affect towers or magic immune targets such as siege creeps or ancient creeps.

Cooldown: 30, 28, 26 and 24.

This is the reason you max it first, and get stats on 2 and 4 so you have a slightly bigger mana pool to spam it early game. For low hp heroes this is devastating, and you should try to keep up to them to get the kill, Poor's man shild will give you a little extra survivability so you can chase people down tier 1 towers and phase boots or even regular speed boots will give you that extra movement speed you need to keep up with your victim.

Healing Ward: Summons a Healing Ward that heals all nearby allied units, based on their max HP. The Healing Ward can move at 450 movement speed after being summoned. Lasts 25 seconds.

Has a casting range of 350, and a effect radius of 500. Heals for percentage so it scales to late game smoothly. The percentages are 2, 3, 4 and 5 percent, for the respective levels, this is the reason you dont get a heart of tarasque, it will give you ridiculous health, but you dont get it until level 13 because you dont really need it, but if you do, just switch a level or two of Blade dance to the healing ward if you really feel like you have to.

The cooldown is of a full minute and the mana cost goes up by 20 each level, from 80, 100, 120 and 140. It can be controlled, but be careful because it only has 1 HP!

Blade Dance: Gives Juggernaut a chance to deal double damage on each attack. The chances are 15, 20, 25 and 35 percent.

OMNISLASH! This is where you shine: Juggernaut leaps towards the target enemy unit with a damaging attack, and then slashes other nearby enemy units, dealing between 175-250 damage per slash. The fewer units available to attack, the more damage those units will take; if a unit is alone, it will take all of the damage. Juggernaut becomes invulnerable while Omnislashing and mini-stuns the first target.

The Casting range is of 450, the jump radius where jugg will look another target to jump on is 425.

The number or slashes is 3,6 and 9. Aghanim's Scepter adds 3 jumps to any level. With and interval of 0.4 seconds.

Mana cost is 200, 275 and 350.

With enough attack speed you can actually right click attack WHILE omnislashing. Any creep will be 1 shotted with a slash, with the exception controlled creeps.

If the target has linken's sphere's effect on, will block the first instance of damage, but not the ministun, and will not stop the omnislashing, if the target goes invisible it will end omnislash.

Now... If the target is alone, and you have Aghanim's Scepter AND you do 250 damage in all slashes, the target will take 3000 DAMAGE!

The cooldown actually goes down, with 130, 120 and 110, Scepter takes it down to 70 seconds.

It will give you 200 flying vision radius.

And as a bonus, a Chronosphere will not stop you.

Items Explanation.

Tangos and Healing Salves provide healing to keep Juggernaut alive in the lane.

With his low mana pool and the Blade Fury's high mana cost, a Clarity and Juggernaut's mana regeneration combined will be able to restore the mana spent from using the ability, though its not necessary.

The Slippers of Agility will improve Juggernaut's ability to last hit. They can be used to make the Poor Man's Shield.

Boots of Speed will allow him to travel faster, making chasing and escaping easier. It can then be turned into Phase Boots.

Poor Man's Shield helps Juggernaut against harassment, and saves up space while retaining the +6 agility from the Slippers of Agility.

Ring of Health provides a lot of health regeneration in the early-game, as well as being able to use it to make the Battle Fury.

Phase Boots provide even more mobility with the Phase ability, and even increases his damage significantly. Will help you land better Blade fury and omnislash attempts.

Battle Fury is an item that can be very strong to buy, if you're the primary carry on a team and you can finish it quickly. If you finish it early, you can use it to push lanes and jungle to quickly transition into later items. With battle fury you can pretty much do whatever you need to, at this point, your hp and mana regen is quite solid, aswell as your damage.

Sange and Yasha boosts Juggernaut's health, damage, attack speed, and movement speed by a good amount, while also being able to make enemies have a much harder time escaping due to the maim.

Aghanim's Scepter vastly improves the ability to gank with Omnislash, and gives a lot of nice stats.

The Butterfly gives an enormous boost to his damage, attack speed, and armor, as well as having the ability to evade some physical attacks, which improves his ability to survive in order to take down the enemy team easily.

A Desolator is a great weapon to have, as it strengthens Juggernaut's ability to push towers, which also works with his teammates, and allows him to dish out even more damage against enemies, especially with Blade Dance and Omnislash.

Vladmir's Offering is a handy item to have for supporting the team, granting several bonuses including lifesteal. Solo-ing Roshan is viable at this point.

Team Work

A good disabler early in the game with stuns or slows will help you get nice blade fury kills early and get your items rolling quickly.

-Ancient Apparition
-Meepo even.

Are good examples.

With time you will grow better in teamfights, specially with Aghanim's Scepter, giving you extra slashes to finish off any remaining alive heroes.


Thanks for reading, this is my first DotaFire.com guide ever, and I feel like it needs more stuff, so leave feedback and I may certainly add them to the guide, along with some other Builds.

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