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New to Sniper guide

December 15, 2012 by Shadow7041
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Rookie testing build

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Hero Skills



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Take Aim

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6 11


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New to Sniper guide

December 15, 2012


I have been playing DotA 2 for a few weeks now. I am still learning all there is to learn about the game.

I have tried to find builds for Sniper online, however for the most part the builds are out dated due to the beta state of the game, or the builds are designed for players that are not new to the game.

Skill Squence

Starting off with Headshot will give sniper an easier time getting last hits right off the bat.

Getting Take Aim maxed out by level 7 will provide Sniper with the safety of long range to harass enemy heroes as well as the safe distance for getting the last hits and denies on creeps.

Once Take Aim and Headshot are maxed out, you can farm lanes and harass heros with ease, forcing them to return to base.

Always make sure to get Snipers Ultimate at 6, 11 and 16 (Normal Ultimate timings).

Getting stats maxed before Shrapnell makes Sniper hit harder and faster, have more health, mana, health regen and mana regen. This leaves all of Snipers mana for Assassinate. Waiting so late to get Shrapnell allows Sniper to be played easier, it also allows sniper to get easier last hits and punch harder. However, since Shrapnell is so late, you will not have the AOE potential as you could if you had Shrapnell.

Remember, the design of this build is for newer players that are still mastering last hits and denies. Players that are trying to stay alive and get practice with the game.

Item Choices

Starting off with a Tango will allow Sniper to take some extra hits in the early game without being forced to run back home. Grabbing gloves of haste right off the back will help cover mistakes made while trying to last hit in the beginning.

In the early game, grabbing Boots of Speed leading into Power Treads will increase snipers mobility, and in turn his survival. With additional skill, the ability to switch between strength and agility on the Power Treads will help with survivability and damage potential.

Once you have the Power Treads, the next stop is Yasha. Yasha will increase attack speed, movement speed and agility. These are all of the stats Sniper wants. If you have enough gold for the Blade of Alacrity buy that first, if not grab Band of Elvenskin first. The order will make sure that if you die you lose the minimal amount of gold, also it ensures that the item that benefits you the most (gold/agi) you get as soon as possible.

Once the mid game comes around Sniper can choose between Morbid Mask, Crystalys, and Shadow Blade.

Morbid Mask and Shadow Blade will help Sniper live. Morbid Mask will allow Sniper to regain his health both in and out of combat, without having to retreat home. Shadow Blade will allow sniper to escape many situations that would not be possible without the Shadow Blade. While Shadow Blade is not a guaranteed escape, it will make Sniper more mobile, as well as increasing his damage.

Crystalys is an amazing damage boost for Sniper. Grabbing this item will cause sniper to hit very hard, combined with Morbid Mask, Head Shot and Take Aim Sniper becomes a long distance enemy to be feared.

Once the game starts to move into the later game, Sniper can choose between Manta Style and Daedalus. Manta Style will give Sniper two copies of himself that allows him to rip apart heroes and towers, with only a 50 second cooldown, Manta Style is a very often used very deadly upgrade to Sniper.

Daedalus will make Sniper hit harder, crit more and crit for higher. This will make Sniper passively more dangerous.

If you are still having issues using items or forgetting to use items, grabbing Daedalus will make Sniper easier to play, however Sniper's benefit from Manta Style is arguably superior.


I hope that this guide has helped someone. If you see an issue, or a place to improve please comment. I am going to be tweaking this build as I play more and more Sniper, however I am going to ensure that the build stays designed around newer players.

I do ask that if you have something negative to say, that is without use, do not say it. I am open to criticism in order to make the guide the best it can be, however there is no reason for bashing in learning.

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