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New Phantom Assasin's build

October 14, 2014 by Fat Sleepy Panda
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New Phantom Assasin's build

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

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Mid game

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New Phantom Assasin's build

Fat Sleepy Panda
October 14, 2014

Introduction and early game

Hi guys.
There is a build i tried few mounths ago.
And i'm surprised why no more people use this build.
You can play, all lanes with this. Because of the bottle you can use your Stifling Dagger for last hits as you want. You just need to wait creeps are low hp and use Stifling Dagger on them. Even if the harass is hard, you can use this strat. But bottle is always usefull, you will never be without mana so you can try many ganks and use Stifling Daggers to last hit. You will upgrade your Blur, with this you will be able to farm with harass with this. But ganks will be more difficult in the early game.

Early/mid game

In the early game you don't need your boots quickly because of Phantom Strike you can gank and kill with it. And if the farm is hard you can go to the jungle easily. You want to have the Helm of Dominator and Phase boots soon as posible. And then your Skull basher, this item is insane with Phantom Assasin, it works realy nice with Phantom Strike, because it could proc the passif stun of the Skull Basher. And your mid game damages will be around 90 + 90 at the level 16.

Late game

The late game is Abyssal blade and Satanic, with those items you have a great stun and a masive regen with the Satanic.


Pros :
- Great damages, great ultimate.
- Easy to snowball even if you don't have many farm in early game. (You can jungle few minutes and get your stuff)
- Nice escape, squizy hero.

Cons :
- Stuns are your enemies
- You don't have realy stun, so you need to kait sometimes to kill an enemy.
- You are not a real tank.(But your passif will help you sometimes)

Chapter Title

Sorry for my basic english because i'm not. :)

*BKB is situational item in this build, if there is a lot of stuns, disables or burst.

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