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New Lycan (Nerf'd) Jungle Build

October 20, 2012 by Cmatt
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Jungle Lycan

DotA2 Hero: Lycan

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Ring of Protection
Quelling Blade

Before 15 Minutes

Ring of Basilius
Morbid Mask
Vladmir's Offering
Power Treads


Vladmir's Offering
Power Treads
Skull Basher
Black King Bar


Abyssal Blade
Battle Fury
Divine Rapier
Monkey King Bar
Heart of Tarrasque
Armlet of Mordiggian

Hero Skills

Summon Wolves

1 3 4 7


10 12 13 14

Feral Impulse

2 5 8 9


6 11 16


15 17 18

New Lycan (Nerf'd) Jungle Build

October 20, 2012

Game Start

When there is about 20 seconds before the game starts, summon your wolves and send one to each of the rune spawns. This way, when the game starts, you can use the wolves to deny the runes if an enemy tries to take it.

Jungling Effectively Before Vlad's

The wolves were crippled by one of the recent updates, and they can hold little to no damage. Because of this, you must now tank the damage for the wolves. This means you will need a steady supply of tangos until you can afford a Vladmir's Offering.

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