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New Huskar - Mekansm

July 12, 2013 by jaslam
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Any lane build

DotA2 Hero: Huskar

Hero Skills

Inner Fire

10 12 13 14

Burning Spear

1 3 5 7

Berserker's Blood

2 4 8 9

Life Break

6 11 16


15 17 18

New Huskar - Mekansm

July 12, 2013

build/item Reasoning

Just a quick description.

Burning arrows is great now. 20hp/sec per stack. 5 hits, and you will do a total of 700 magical dmg, in 7 seconds.. food for thought.

Essentially since the buff on burning spears, and added survivability, Huskar is now (i feel) a much stronger hero.

Urn - to help ganking

PB - so you can intiate, deal more dmg - and the creeps don't get in the way - which can happen..

Mek is a great item for a range hero that needs a vanguard equivalent. It cost's the same - you get stats, group heal, that benefits all. The heal totals the amount you would gain in hp from a Vang - and as your base hp is lower, you gain stacks faster.. you can also Ulti, and heal immediately - putting you at near max HP, and them at <60%.

The early HotD build is no longer viable (late game is different).

Mjollnir is a personal favourite, as it stacks with your burning arrow - it is also good to pick up early as it will help clear creep waves - something burning arrows doesn't help with.. and pick up farm faster.

Abysal blade helps - as you increased attack speed, and ability to get up close quickly - allows for greater chances to bash, and the active bash through magic immunity.

Final note

Huskar is still NOT a hard carry. Naix, PA, PL, any of the hard carries will mess him up very easily - even if huskar full items (and they don't).

Huskar is designed, and somewhat specialises at killing support heroes. His ulti allows him to get up close and personal, and buffs, that reduce the damage he takes.

Burning arrows does drop off late game - but that is why he is a support killer.. Supports finish games with only 1.2k-1.6k hp on average - but with greater mobility (force staffs, blinks etc).

Mid game - you should be ganking your huskar.. once you hit level 6.. get to those side lanes, and feed off the lower hp support heroes.

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