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New effective build for Faceless Void

March 21, 2016 by Azriel White
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New effective build for Faceless Void

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

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Time Dilation

2 8 13 14

Time Lock

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New effective build for Faceless Void

Azriel White
March 21, 2016


If you're looking at this build, you must be looking for a way to play Faceless Void the right way since his changes made him suck(as some say). Well, personally I don't think his changes did in any way make him suck. Given the reasons that
1: you can let the enemy harass you and get away with it.
2: you can now control when you want backtrack to be used (yes, I think there is still backtrack)
3: Spam casters may not spam anymore(well except for Tinker that is since rearm has no cooldown) due to time dilation.

So... here's the guide on how to try to still play him as a good hero.


Battle Fury is like a core farming item for him now since without it, he can't farm quickly for items. It also has HP and MP regeneration which may help you in laning.
/Stout Shield/Poor Man's Shield makes you able to take creep hits and also block the right clicks of some supports that have low damage per hit.
Magic Wand need I explain this one?
Blink Dagger I know, it doesn't seem to fit the old Faceless Void since he already has time walk, but since time walk's range has been nerfed and it is the new backtrack I really think you shouldn't use it to initiate. So... you should use blink dagger instead. Another way to play it is use blink dagger right after time walk to traverse a tremendous amount of distance.
Manta Style, this works well with Faceless Void given that it can give you the Yasha buff which increases movement and attack speed. It also gives you high agility stats. One way to using it is as an alternative to BKB since it can remove silence and can dodge some projectile skills given that you time it correctly. However, if you're going to build this, I suggest getting items that have high agility since an illusion's damage is increased more if you raise the primary stat of your hero rather than the hero's damage.
Butterfly is a really good item for Faceless Void especially that he has no backtrack anymore, at the very least it helps him dodge normal attacks which makes him last out more in grind out fights.
Daedalus, this one is quite good if you get Manta Style, since illusions can deal critical damage too, only significantly lower than the hero's critical damage. Also, this is a proc item and since you increase Faceless Void's attack speed, this item would be one of the reasons why you are doing that.
BKB, one of the 'carry must have' items. For Faceless Void, I think you need this if there are multiple disablers, holders, and sniper casters on the other team. Say... you pop chrono and you didn't get all the enemy. The ones outside can cast disables on you and you will be stopped or disrupted inside your chrono rendering it useless for you. Stat-wise though I don't think it's a very good item given that it gives low damage and a few Str.
Mjollnir (no, you don't pronounce it as em-jol-nir, it's mi-yol-nir) is a good item for Faceless Void if you want to increase attack speed. In addition, it has proc damage. You may also use it in case a ranged hitter is left outside your chrono. And if your chrono is on cooldown, you can still join a clash given that you have BKB. If you have BKB and Mjollnir on at the same time, I'd doubt that you'd be an easy target in the open.
MKB is a very nice proc item and also a must-have if your enemy has dodge or blind skills or items. Not very nice though to be paired up with manta style since illusions don't proc mini-bash. However, this item works well with mjollnir given that both have proc damage. Just think 'what if time lock, mjollnir, and MKB procs at the same time?' that'd be roughly about...
=325 damage if time lock, mjollnir, and MKB procs at the same time. (assuming the enemy has 0 armor and no additional magic resist)

*Other items to be discussed soon (will edit the guide in the future)*


Time Walk - it's like a 2 in 1 skill now. This skill is your new backtrack and lets you cover ground quickly. One way to use it in laning is taking in the harassment of the opponent and using time walk, making them waste MP on the skill while you only spend 40 MP. A magic stick helps too, say... an enemy uses 1 skill on you, and you use time walk, you get 1 charge on your magic stick and no damage on your HP and an additional 15 HP and MP restoration due to the magic stick. A really good skill when fighting with burst type enemies.

Time Dilation - no, this skill is not an instant slow skill, and... no, this also ain't a silence skill. This skills stops the cooldown of the enemy's skills and when a skill or more is on cooldown, it adds up to the slow. However, if then enemy does not cast during the duration, the enemy's hero will not be slowed or affected by the skill in any way. Which is why you should use it after the enemy throws a burst or any skill (best if burst because you can just time walk off the damage) that way, the slow is assured and they will not be able to fight you with 100% of their attack speed. *Added info: works best against invoker since he cannot invoke after he casts it, rendering him not able to combo*

Time Lock - I think you should level this skill when you're ready to gank. This is one of the best passive skills in game, since it's a bash, it can go through magic immunity, and also the only bash(not mini-bash) that has no CD whatsoever. Which means, that you can bashlock an enemy if it procs successively. It also does 2x damage in chronosphere so... MAX IT.

Chronosphere - One of those skills that you should not always use unless it's best to use it. This skill can cost you a clash or can reverse a fight where the enemy is overpowering you. Let's set rules when and where you must use this skill:
1. Never use it just to capture the enemy's carry and leave the support outside. Sometimes it's better to catch the supports and leave the enemy carry outside while your allies disable him while you kill off the supports.
2. Never use it if an ally is vulnerable to attack from outside the chrono.
3. Try your best to catch the enemy by the edge, one of the best chronospheres leaves an enemy half-in and half-out the chrono. That way, allies (both melee and ranged) can free hit from outside.
4. Don't hesitate to use it when a group of 3-5 enemies is off to gank you, cast it on them then time walk/dagger out then regroup with your allies quickly. Trust me, it's better to not have an SS in clash, than lack 1 teammate in a clash.

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