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Necrophos the tank destroying ganker

May 3, 2017 by planetj
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Dagon rush

DotA2 Hero: Necrophos

Hero Skills

Death Pulse

2 3 5 7

Heartstopper Aura

1 9 14 16

Ghost Shroud

4 8 11 13

Reaper's Scythe

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

-2.5s Death Pulse Cooldown
+0.5 Heartstopper Aura
+32% Heartstopper Regen Reduction
+15% Magic Resistance
+32 Death Pulse Heal
+24% Ghost Shroud Slow
+8 Strength
+25 Damage

Necrophos the tank destroying ganker

May 3, 2017


Hi there! Welcome to my guide to Necrophos. I'm sorry if I make any english mistakes. English isn't my first language. Necrophos is probably the best ganker in the game (in my opinion), because he can destroy tanks and alot of heroes in an instant. This guide is about roaming around the map and to kill your enemies. The build works really well for me (hopefully it works even better for you). Necrophos is best at mid lane.


You will start with a Tango and 2 claritys. Healing salves are not needed since you will get death pulse at level 2 which will heal you aswell. You will NOT use these claritys before you have death pulse at level 1. You will want to use them after using death pulse, so if you go low on HP you can heal with death pulse aswell as tango if you get attacked.
Ww will do alot of rushing in this build. Since there are a few must have items. You will go for tranquill boots first. They're pretty cheap for 12 health regen. You will then go for a soul ring. You will spam Q (death pulse) and soul ring so you stay good on mana and HP, while doing damage at the same time. Now you will rush Dagon 5. Dagon 5 followed by a reapers sythe destroys tanks and does alot of damage. After that you will turn your soul ring into a bloodstone, afterwards it is all situational. If you get an ethereal blade, then use it when you do your Dagon-Sythe combo. Get it if the enemies tanks still have to much HP for your combo. Your combo would then be in this order: Ethereal blade -> Dagon 5 -> Reapers sythe.


Your skills are so: Your Q, death pulse, does damage to creeps/enemies nearby while healing you and you teammates. Your W, Ghost shroud, slows enemy heroes and you can't be attacked. You receive 20% additional magic damage. Your W is your escape. Your E, Heartstopper aura, is a passive ability which deals damage to nearby enemy heroes over time. Your ultimate (R), Reapers sythe, deals damage based on how many missing HP they have. Never initiate an attack with this ability. Don't use it when they have mor than half HP.
You will upgrade your heartstopper aura first, because when you're laning your enemies deal damage over time, meaning that they can't heal very well, which can be very annoying. You will upgrade death pulse at levels 2 and 3, because of the healing it gives you and your allies. You will then get ghost shroud, which you should only use if you need to escape. Ghost shroud is very useful early game, because you take no physical damage and slows your enemies, allowing you to escape easily. Obviously you will get reapers sythe at level 6. At level 7 your death pulse should be maxed out. You will then max out ghost shroud, and then heartstopper aura. Heartstopper aura is useful mid and late game. Because if an enemy is very low HP, you can just follow them and they will die because of the health decay.

Pros and cons

-Can easily escape right click spammers.
-Very strong against tanks.
-Good HP regen.
-Probably the best ganker in the game
-Very fun to play with.

-Not very good in team fights.
-Ghost shroud is useless against intelligence heroes.
-Disablers destroy you. Especailly if they have wards


Good against:
-Morphling -> using dagon-sythe combo he can't use morph in time to save himself.
-Pudge -> dagon-sythe combo tears his flesh heap appart easily.
-Axe -> Culling blade is useless if you use death pulse and get a mekanism to heal yourself.
-Centaur Warrunner -> This high HP hero is a great target for your dagon-sythe combo.
-Magnus -> Another high HP hero who is another great target for your dagon-sythe combo.
-Huskar -> Huskar sacrifices alot of his own HP to kill enemies, which is not a good idea seems that you have reapers sythe.
-Other heroes with high HP and no stuns

Bad against:
-Anti-mage -> Necrophos is easily killed by mana break and and mana void. Reapers sythe is not effective against AM, because of his spell shield.
-Ancient Apparition -> Even if you get mekanism, ice blast will destroy you and your death pulse.
-Chaos knight -> Necrophos struggles with reapers sythe when chaos knight uses phantasm.
-Legion commander -> Duel destroys necrophos.
-Oracle -> Heartstopper aura is ineffective, because oracle can heal his allies. He can also protect allies with false eddict and false promise from reapers sythe.
-Riki -> Smoke screen silences necrophos. killing him before he can cast an ability.
Rubick -> If he steals reapers sythe he can turn the whole situation around.


Thanks for reading my guide. I hope it helped. This is my first guide, and I hope its good enough. Anyways, thanks and good bye!

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