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Necrophos My tissues run (outdated go on 7.01 build by me ty )

January 25, 2017 by DaniDoktorDaniel
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DotA2 Hero: Necrophos

Hero Skills

Death Pulse

2 4 5 7

Heartstopper Aura

1 8 9 10

Ghost Shroud

3 12 13 14

Reaper's Scythe

6 11 16


Hero Talents

-2.5s Death Pulse Cooldown
+0.5 Heartstopper Aura
+32% Heartstopper Regen Reduction
+15% Magic Resistance
+32 Death Pulse Heal
+24% Ghost Shroud Slow
+8 Strength
+25 Damage

Necrophos My tissues run (outdated go on 7.01 build by me ty )

January 25, 2017


Hey sry this build outdated,visit this one !

-So,what is Necrophos?
-He is ranged,durable,carry or support,intelligence,dire hero
-Now lets see what he can do as MID
-in my opinion, he's a bad support,constantly pushing lane,also he needs items
-He is great middlaner,constantly harrasing,he can stay long on lane as long as he farms,he is durable,and when he gets lvl6 he can even gank.

Necrophos is a ranged intelligence hero. His abilities are most effective in [b]team fights[/b] where he can damage enemies and heal allies simultaneously, while picking off key enemy heroes with his ultimate. Necrophos is most dangerous when his enemy is severely injured, instantly killing them with his ultimate while recovering over time after killing his foe. Necrophos is naturally fragile, but his mechanics require him to stay in the midst of encounters; it is for this reason that he depends on items to prevent his death. Ideally, by casting Death Pulse repeatedly, he and his team are able to stay alive while the enemy team's health is gradually sapped by Heartstopper Aura, which reduces enemy health by a small percentage each second. Because his abilities are suited to prolonged encounters, he must build items which allow him to survive for as long as possible against his enemies. His ultimate, Reaper's Scythe, has its damage increased by how much of their maximum health the target is missing; meaning that an enemy that is close to death will be killed outright by it. Upon attaining a kill, Sadist restores Necrophos's mana and health over a short time, allowing him to continue fulfilling his role in encounters. Necrophos is best understood as a hero who is weak at the beginning of a fight but becomes more dangerous with each passing second.

Like i told you,necro is teamfight hero,thats why he doesnt need Dagon,yes it works good with ultimate,but if you go dagon it cost a lot,and in late it isnt that game changing,also good players will get pipe...Dagon necro is 100% 1v1 kill but i told you he is teamfighter.

-Update 7.00: Well,aghanim got nerfed,f***k... okay,still can be played,get dagon now,yes dagon,become burster,aghanim is situational item now,you can get it to use veil+dagon+aghanim combo more offten to take off carry like slark.

Bad and good things

-Bad move speed.(290)
-High mana cost spells
-Needs to kill and farm
-Low starting strenght(Low HP pool)
-Base Attack Time: 1.7..very slow
-Low attack damage.(45-49)
-squishy in early,vulnerable to ganks with stuns *ask for wards

-if farmed properly can stay on lane(sadist)
-Necrophos is an offensive spellcaster,in laning phase you can kill/survive using this ability,in team fights you can make yourself durable,also save your teammates
-frequently harrasing opponent mid-laner using your Heartstopper aura,good positioned Necro will make their midlaner to spend money on consumables or to go back to base.*TIP use Alt button to see range of Heartstopper Aura,and make sure that he is always in.
-His ulltimate ability adds respawn time,so if you kill middlaner it will lead to lvl advantage and it will make you space for ganking.
-He can kill low hp poll enemies wiht his low cooldown nuke(Death Pulse) an his aura will make fat-ones cry


-Death Pulse

Necrophos releases a wave of death around him, dealing damage to enemy units and healing allied units.

-Cast range:475(practice using this skill to learn using it at maximum range without mistakes)
-Heal:70/90/110/130(If you get octarine core you will be healed much more)
-Cast Animation:0.77
-Cooldown:8/7/6/5(very low cooldown)
-*Releases projectiles for spell immune units. Can heal spell immune allies. Attempts to damage spell immune enemies.
-Mana cost: 125/145/165/185
Death Pulse interrupts Necrophos' channeling spells upon cast.
The pulses travel at a speed of 400 and cannot be disjointed.
Affects invisible units and units in Fog of War.
Does not affect invulnerable and hidden units.

-Heartstopper Aura

Necrophos stills the hearts of his opponents, causing nearby enemy units to lose a percentage of their max health over time.

Radius: 900
Max Health Lost per Second: 0.6%/1%/1.4%/1.8%

The debuff from Heartstopper Aura lingers for 0.5 seconds.
Despite the ingame tooltip, Heartstopper aura does not manipulate enemies' health regeneration. Instead, it deals pure damage which is flagged as HP Removal.
This means, its damage does not trigger any on-damage effects.
Deals 0.12%/0.2%/0.28%/0.36% of the affected unit's max health as damage in 0.2 second intervals, starting 0.2 seconds after the ability was leveled.
Theoretically, affected units die when they stand in range for 167/100/72/56 seconds (assuming nothing else affects their health).
Affected enemy units only have a visible status debuff when they have vision over Necrophos. When he is not visible to them, the status debuff is invisible.
Does not affect ancient creeps and Roshan.

Necrophos gains health and mana regeneration for killing units. Hero Kills give 10 times the bonus.
Health Regen per Stack: 1/2/3/6
Mana Regen per Stack: 2/4/6/12
Stack Duration: 6

Sadist triggers on every kill Necrophos makes, including denying allied units, but excluding illusions and Tempest Double​s.
All stacks work fully independent from each other. They do not refresh each other, but share a status buff. The number of current stacks is visible on the buff.
Restores health and mana in form of health and mana regeneration, so it regenerates 0.1/0.2/0.3/0.6 health and 0.2/0.4/0.6/1.2 mana in 0.1 second intervals per stack.
Each stack can restore a total of 6/12/18/36 health and 12/24/36/72 mana.
Hero kills add 10 stacks at once, regenerating a total of 60/120/180/360 health and 120/240/360/720 mana.
Although the Sadist counter buff is dispellable, doing so has no effect, as it gets immediately re-applied.

Well we can say goodbye to this one,but good thing,now its applied to death pulse,so its pretty much same,its even better for you!

-Reaper's Scythe

Stuns the target enemy hero, then deals damage based on how much life it is missing. Heroes killed by Reaper's Scythe will have 10/20/30 seconds added to their respawn timer. Any kill under this effect is credited to Necrophos.
Cast Animation: 0.5+1.33
Cast Range: 600
Damage per Missing Health: 0.6/0.75/0.9 (Can be Improved by Aghanim's Scepter. 0.6/0.9/1.2)
Respawn Time Increase: 10/20/30
Stun Duration: 1.5
Cooldown:100/85/70 (Can be Improved by Aghanim's Scepter. 70)
mana cost:175/340/500(Can be Improved by Aghanim's Scepter. 150/340/500)

Can be Improved by Aghanim's Scepter. Increases damage per health missing for level 2 and 3, decreases mana cost for level 1, and decreases cooldown for levels 1 and 2. Disables Buyback for killed heroes.NOPE,now only 25 sec cooldown

Ghost Shroud
Makes you etheral and you heal 20% more,KEY TO PA CANCER MID!!!
but u take 20% more dmg from spells,carefull doe....
take this if u strugle surviving against rightclickers,and DONT,i repeat DONT use it against midders like lina :) Also slows,be aware of this :) CAREFULL!

Damage is calculated and dealt at the end of the stun duration.
When the targeted unit dies to Ice Blast​ shatter, Necrophos is not credited for the kill if he did not cause the shatter.
Can instantly kill a hero when it is at maximum 31%/36%/40% of its health, considering basic 25% magic resistance only and no other sources of magic resistance.
Can kill Meepo​ when he is at maximum 28%/32%/36% of his health, considering his basic 35% magic resistance only and no other sources of magic resistance.
Can kill Visage​ when he is at maximum 35%/40%/44% of his health, considering his basic 10% magic resistance only and no other sources of magic resistance.
If Reaper's Scythe is cast on a Meepo​ clone and the original then uses the suicide of Bloodstone, it counts as a suicide, not as a kill for Necrophos.
Can be cast on illusions



Starting items:Tango,Null talisman

Early game:Magic wand,phase boots veil of discord,bottle(optional)

Mid game/core: Aghanim scepter and blink,octarine core

Late game:Schyte of Vise,Refresher Orb

Situational:Radiance(Enemies have natures propet or/and broodmother),Pipe of insight(your offlane and supports are total idiots),Bloodstone,Guardian graves(Your supports dont have mekansm,and enemies have a lot of silences)Blademail is an option too.

-For start you need tango until you farmout bottle,Null Talisman grants a total of 60 health, 0.09 health regeneration, 0.43 armor, 3 attack speed, 72 mana, 0.24 mana regeneration, 0.375% spell damage and 9 attack damage,it will help you to survive and farm in early,also you need it for Veil of Discord for late.
-Necrophos has MS issue,so Phase Boots are not bad option,also you gain DMG boost so that will make your farm go easy,use it to quickly position your self,to chase or escape.
-One Magic Wand grants a total of 80 health, 0.12 health regeneration, 0.57 armor, 4 attack speed, 48 mana, 0.16 mana regeneration, 0.25% spell damage and 4 attack damage.
Can restore up to 255 health and mana when having the maximum amount of charges. This items will save you and with this item you will kill,that is just enought mana for yours Death pulse.
-One Veil of Discord grants a total of 120 health, 6.18 health regeneration, 6.86 armor, 6 attack speed, 144 mana, 0.48 mana regeneration, 0.75% spell damage and 18 attack damage. Places a debuff on enemy units in the area upon cast.Lasts 16 seconds.
Cast Range: 1000
Radius: 600
Magic Resistance Reduction: 25%
Duration: 16
Cooldown 20
Mana 50
-Magic resistance reduction of 25% is a lot for Necrophos,it will afect your Q and R making you deadly.
-Bottle,u might need it since you are mid.
-One Aghanim's Scepter grants a total of 375 health, 0.3 health regeneration, 1.43 armor, 10 attack speed, 295 mana, 0.4 mana regeneration, 0.625% spell damage and 10 attack damage.
Affects Reaper's Scythe: 7.00 hit necros ult hard,now only 25 secundes cooldown so its uselles now,get daggon you will be fine,play with laser and have fun doe
-Blink Dagger grant you best possition in team fight,blink in middle of battleground,use your Veil,use your Death Pulse,try to heal and damage multiple units. Use phase to chase down escaping heroes and finish their cores with Reaper's Scythe.Also it will grant you escape,use your phase and when blink gets off the 3 second cooldown blink out,double tap the hotkey if you dont want to risk.
-One Octarine Core grants a total of 425 health, 725 mana, 1 (+ 50%) mana regeneration and 1.5625% spell damage and 25 attack damage.
Reduces the cooldown time of all spells and items by 25%.
-Death pulse cooldown form 5 seconds to 3.75
-Reaper's Scythe cooldown from 70 seconds to 52.5
25% lifesteal from heroes and 5% form creeps.
The lifesteal on spells is huge, meaning your death pulse heals you for an extra 68 per hero you hit. If you hit hero with Death pulse it will heal you 25% from 275 and that is 68.75 HP,if you hit creep it will heal you for 13.75 HP. Now imagine you hit 5 creeps and 5 Heroes? That is 130 regular Death pulse heal + 5x13.75=68.75 and 5 Heroes that is 343.75. That means you heal your self for 542.5 HP every 3.75 secons,OP isnt it?
*NOTE this is calculated without magic resistance or after used Veil of Discord
-One Scythe of Vyse grants a total of 200 health, 0.3 health regeneration, 1.43 armor, 10 attack speed, 420 mana, 1.4 (+ 150%) mana regeneration, 2.1875% spell damage and 35 attack damage.
Turns a target unit into a harmless critter for 3.5 seconds. Instantly destroys illusions.Applies a Hex on the target, setting its base movement speed to 140 and silencing, muting and disarming it
-Get this if your teammates cant handle enemie carry,i recommend this item againts slark,legion comander,sven and phantom assasin.
-Refresher-Resets the cooldowns of all your items and abilities.Two Reaper's Scythed no buyback core enemies? Why not,it can grant you woned teamfight and game.

-When six sloted you should look like this
-Boots of travel-u need to tp to deff or push,great choice,grants nice speed also
-Aghanim...NOPE,dagon now,sry i loved old aghs (kinda triggered)
-Veil of Discord
-Octarine Core
-Scyhte of Vise
/or/and radiance,shiva's guard,etheral blade,eul's scepter of divinity,aghanim scepter/blademail....

counter picks and victims

-Dazzle:shalow grave can save his carry from your ultimate,he will die but after your ultimate which can make him able to buyback
-Omniknight:Repel can save ulted hero because of 1.5 dmg delay its enought for good omni to repel somone.
-Doom: doomed Necrophos is uselles.
-Silencer: you realy dont want to be silenced in teamfight
-Nyx:on mid his base HP regen can overdrive your Heartstopper aura
-Anicent Apparation:Ice blast prevents you from healing your self and your team mates,also stops the sadist effect
-Disruptor: His ultimate make you uselles if he gets you
-Juggernaut: Bladefury gives him magic immunity when acctivated
-Lifestealer: Rage gives him magic immunity when acctivated
-Huskar:completely ignore the damage from his abilities, especially from Reaper's Scythe​, with his Berserker's Blood​.
-Nightstalker:mad long silence during night
-Anti-mage,huge magic resistance+he will melt your mana,if you are six sloted next to this guy you will be living bomb for your team..ypu are playin mage oriented hero,and he is antimage,should i say anything?
-Abbadon if you ultimate whan his one is ready..well you ****ed up
-Drow ranger mad dmg with silence..
-Viper magic immunity + dmg
-Rubick,providing his whole team magic resistance can realy **** you up,tell your carry to kill him first,if he is dead you can win teamfight
-Medusa and her mana shield...she can take your ultimate like its nothing,also she will drain your mana.
-your counter picks are heroes with mana drain,silences and such things.

Necro's victims
-Tide large HP pool
-Axe large HP pool
-Dragon knight:no matter how many total Hp and armor he has, Schyte can kill DK on half HP
-Pudge:Heartstopper Aura will always hut opponents for the same amount,and Reaper's Schyte allows Necrophos to severely cut down the tanking power because of percentage based nature of it. Necrophos is an ecvellent Anti-Tank.
-Centaur Warruner.

-On mid,you dont want to play against good Invoker.You dont want to,but you can get him.
Invoker with quas wex will be headache,if he decides to kill you,you will be out of mana,but he wont deal big amounts of dmg,so play safe cary magic wand,and GET BACK IF HE ATACKS YOU
Invoker with wex exort can kill you,but if you play good enought,he wont be able to do it,he might have more farm than you,but when he tries to kill you make sure you have wand with your self if he coldsnap+forges combo get back,but when you see him making sun strike just get back to him and fight,use wand and death pulse,whan sunstrike miss you just get back into the base or get rune,you need bottle against invoker becuse of this.
Invoker will farm his midas or/and orchid so that will open space to you to make hell on rest of his lanes.
-Templar assasin may be problem for you.
-Nyx will be problem for you stun + mana drain + high Hp regen+ invis skill....yeah that is problem.
-Medusa on mid will make you cry. She can take anything that you do,and she can drain your mana.
But she is also hero who farms alot,go gank lanes and ask for gank on mid.
-Night stalker with his mad long silence have just enought time to kill you during the night,be carefull
-Magnus can easy skewer you under his tower because of Necrophos bad MS,all he needs is invis rune or haste..also if you dont pay attention it can be realy tought time on mid.
-Sniper is borring as hell,he can poke you from distance,farm without being in rage of Heartstopper aura,or in range for Death pulse and Reaper's Scyhte
-Huskar have a lot of hp,but he isnt afraid of being low hp,his magic resistance will alow him to tear you apart.
-Skywrath mage with silence and nukes is boring as hell,he can kill you if he is good enough

-Shadowfiend cant stand you on mid,he have very low hp pool,he can damage you with shadowraises but wand and Death pulse should keep you alive,you can kill him quickly,esspecialy if you have Veil of Discord
-Pudge,ah tank with huge amount of hp..just get one ward on his side on mid,keep positioned behind creeps,and he will have some very rough time,he will lose much HP and wont be able to hook or farm,just say SS and warn team where he went.
-Tiny should go easy also,just dont let him aproach to you,so you wont get toss/avalanche combo.
-Puck have silence,but he shouldnt be problem,he cant avoid your ultimate and death pulse will nuke him apart.Be carefull to avoid being silenced
-Kunka also has huge HP pool,and he is mele,just get ulty before him and kill him as soon as possible.
-Lina,she can nuke you down,but once,and if you kill her before that she wont be able to do that either,due her low hp pool Death pulse will damage her for real

-Tinker can damage,but hardly kill you,and also he wont like if you "heal" him
-Storm spirit doesnt have enought neither damage neither mana to kill you
-Queen of pain might and might not be problem for Necrophos,he can survive dagger and damage her for real,and ulted QoP wont blink out.

-Ember spirit is mele,he have magic damage resistance,but if you are carefull he wont be able to kill you
-Silencer will be pain in the *** late game but in early just be carefull and dont die.
-Queen of pain might and might not be problem for Necrophos,he can survive dagger and damage her for real,and ulted QoP wont blink out.


Items in enemie team make things differente for necro
:Black king bar *BKB
:linken's sphere
:glimmer cape
:Lotus Orb

If u see this items going solo isnt best idea,dont ult on lotus,bkb or blademail or you will have rough time.
If you get silenced all the time thing about eul ,it will also disamble linken,and remove silence,guardian graves are also situational in that case.


-FARM,but dont forget that you are positon 2,leave farm to carry while pushing but no to supports.
-Denie,your enemie will lose EXP and you will profit from Sadist
-Get veil,it will boost your ultimate,and death pulse,also you will boost others magic dmg
-ONE VEIL IN TEAM IS ENOUGHT-tell your team mates that you will get it
-Phase boots are great item on him,since he have bad MS and it will help you in escaping/chasing + you will be able to get maximum of death pulse
-On lvl 6 get ulty and try to kill enemie midder*WITH SCHYTE* he will get more respawn time that means EXP loss for him and you will profit
-Gank,if you have veil and phase you can,trust me.
-try to get best position all the time
-FARMING TIP- when used veil and death pulse on wave of creeps ranged one dies and mele one are on 1 base hit.
-Dont buy dagon please,you will nuke,but it wont help your team
-Dont play necrophos support,he pushes all the time with Heartstopper aura
-Good lane with him are Huskar=super agresive lane,Sand king=easy secured kills but prefere mid.
-Take TPs with you.
-Be in teamfights,your team needs you.

Sorry for bad english,not my native language doe :D
enjoy,GL HF :>
-Dont be rude,say thanks and sorry,be relaxed its just a game,play for your fun,no to ruin other ones. :)

Oh and....

Carefull with this,as Necro always says My tissues run :D Have fun guys,with this build you should own game,early is 100% yours :>

Talents tree.

7.00 Added Talent Tree :

+400 Health
-1s Death Pulse Cooldown
+10% Magic Resistance
+5% Spell Amplification
+15 Movement Speed
+6 All Stats
+6 Strength
+40 Damage

In my oppinion
-1s Death Pulse Cooldown,you get nuke,and you heal more,can it be better?
+5 Spell Amplification,well you got dagon didn't ya?
+6 All Stats,15 Movement speed is't much
+40 Damage,to own mid lane!

About 7.00

Well this monkey harambe update hit dota hard ( RETURN OLD HUD ICEFROG!WE HATE LOL HUD,REST IS FINE! ) somethings changed,meta changed,necro changed,he got his new skill Ghost Shroud ,kinda uselles against nukers on mid,but with right timing usefull. Aghanim,well its ...hard nerf. Necro is victym of 7.00,but okay,we still love this satanistic green fellow he is like trebutchet of dota.
He can dive with his Ghost Shroud now. And cure cancer(pa mid). its okay.
Now we go Nyx build(DAGON DAGON DAGON BURST *lightning sound* kill steal but okay)
But i wont give up on necro,he can be played on offlane now,doe shrines and bounty runes,he is still great hero and fun to play. Now go and win mmr.
Scurb. :D jk,we love you all!
7.00 well it feels like dota 3,but volvo dont know how to count to 3,soo.... about remodels,i like it,talnets,well its good,hud...return old one,please,NOW. I hate lol hud in dota.please icefrog,this one sucks. why cant u make dota2 more like dota1 not lol and hots....just return the hud. And one more question blue frog,what in the seven hells im supposted to do with loading screens?!1?!
Good luck and have fun everyone.

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