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Necrophos 7.01 Builds. My tissues are running 2.00

March 14, 2017 by DaniDoktorDaniel
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Build 1
Build 2

Mid/Offlane (Core).

DotA2 Hero: Necrophos

Hero Skills

Death Pulse

2 3 5 7

Heartstopper Aura

1 8 13 14

Ghost Shroud

4 9 11 16

Reaper's Scythe

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

-2.5s Death Pulse Cooldown
+0.5 Heartstopper Aura
+32% Heartstopper Regen Reduction
+15% Magic Resistance
+32 Death Pulse Heal
+24% Ghost Shroud Slow
+8 Strength
+25 Damage

Necrophos 7.01 Builds. My tissues are running 2.00

March 14, 2017

Hello guys.

This is rework of my old Necrophos build.
This build gives my +70% win rate in 7.00/7.01
Good luck,Have fun.
Sorry for english,not my native language.
*Protip: Dont be rude,dont flame,everyone has bad day,be nice and fair,remeber its just a game,play for fun but give your best!

* *

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-So,what is Necrophos?
-He is ranged,durable,carry or support,intelligence,dire hero
-Now lets see what he can do as MID or OFFLANE.
-in my opinion, he's a bad support,constantly pushing lane,also he needs items,but he is also very dangerous even with only Veil Of Discord.
-He is great middlaner,constantly harrasing,he can stay long on lane as long as he farms,he is durable,and when he gets lvl6 he can even gank.
-He can nuke down enemies,and keep his team alive.
-He is pub stomper since 7.00,with high win rate.
-He is good pick because his role is versatile,as he can support,he can be midder,he can be tank,he can handle offlane.

Necrophos is a ranged intelligence hero. His abilities are most effective in team fights where he can damage enemies and heal allies simultaneously, while picking off key enemy heroes with his ultimate.
Reaper's Scythe Scepter upgrade no longer disables buyback or deals extra damage.
Reaper's Scythe Scepter upgrade reduces cooldown to 55/40/25 Aghanim Scepter isn't as powerfull as it used to be,but its still core,and now its okay if you miss ult,because of low cooldown it gets.

7.00 Changes.
Death Pulse damage reduced from 125/175/225/275 to 80/120/160/200.
This is major nerf in my oppinion,but it still good enough.
Death Pulse heal reduced from 70/90/110/130 to 60/80/100/120,the difference is really small,but Ghost Shroud makes you even better healer,and more durable now.
Replaced Sadist with a new ability: Ghost Shroud
Death Pulse now passively provides 1/3/5/7 HP/MP regen for 7 seconds for each unit you kill (10x for heroes) And that means Sadist is still here,just new abilliy,Ghost Shroud.
7.00 Made necrophos very ressitable to physical damgage,but he is now fragile to magical damage.


-For start you need tango until you farmout bottle,Null Talisman grants a total of 60 health, 0.09 health regeneration, 0.43 armor, 3 attack speed, 72 mana, 0.24 mana regeneration, 0.375% spell damage and 9 attack damage,it will help you to survive and farm in early,also you need it for Veil of Discord for late.

-Necrophos has MS issue,so Phase Boots are not bad option,also you gain DMG boost so that will make your farm go easy,use it to quickly position your self,to chase or escape.

-One Magic Wand grants a total of 80 health, 0.12 health regeneration, 0.57 armor, 4 attack speed, 48 mana, 0.16 mana regeneration, 0.25% spell damage and 4 attack damage.
Can restore up to 255 health and mana when having the maximum amount of charges. This items will save you and with this item you will kill,that is just enought mana for yours Death pulse. But with Ghoust Shroud its 50% more so its 255+172 Mana and HP making this item powerfull even with it low cost.

-One Veil of Discord grants a total of 120 health, 6.18 health regeneration, 6.86 armor, 6 attack speed, 144 mana, 0.48 mana regeneration, 0.75% spell damage and 18 attack damage. Places a debuff on enemy units in the area upon cast.Lasts 16 seconds.
Cast Range: 1000
Radius: 600
Magic Resistance Reduction: 25%
Duration: 16
Cooldown 20
Mana 50
-Magic resistance reduction of 25% is a lot for Necrophos,it will afect your Q and R making you deadly.

-Bottle also works very good with ghoust shroud and if you are mid you will need it.

-One Aghanim's Scepter grants a total of 375 health, 0.3 health regeneration, 1.43 armor, 10 attack speed, 295 mana, 0.4 mana regeneration, 0.625% spell damage and 10 attack damage.
Affects Reaper's Scythe:Reaper's Scythe Scepter upgrade reduces cooldown to 55/40/25.

-Blink Dagger grant you best possition in team fight,blink in middle of battleground,use your Veil,use your Death Pulse,try to heal and damage multiple units. Use phase to chase down escaping heroes and finish their cores with Reaper's Scythe.Also it will grant you escape,use your phase and when blink gets off the 3 second cooldown blink out,double tap the hotkey if you dont want to risk.
If chased by hero without magical dmg like phantom ***aisn use Ghoust Shroud and you will easyily blink out.

-One Octarine Core grants a total of 425 health, 725 mana and 1.5625% spell damage and 25 attack damage.
Reduces the cooldown time of all spells and items by 25%.
That means 17 secundes cooldown with Aghanim on Reaper's Schyte.
And 3 secundes cooldown Death Pulse with 25th level talent.
25% lifesteal from heroes and 5% form creeps.
Literally becoming immortal with good ultimate and frequent Death Pulses with multiple targets.
One Scythe of Vyse grants a total of 200 health, 0.3 health regeneration, 1.43 armor, 10 attack speed, 420 mana, 1.4 (+ 150%) mana regeneration, 2.1875% spell damage and 35 attack damage.
Turns a target unit into a harmless critter for 3.5 seconds. Instantly destroys illusions.Applies a Hex on the target, setting its base movement speed to 140 and silencing, muting and disarming it
-Get this if your teammates cant handle enemie carry,i recommend this item againts slark,legion comander,sven and phantom assasin.

Countering and getting countered.

Dazzle:shalow grave can save his carry from your ultimate,he will die but after your ultimate which can make him able to buyback
-Omniknight:Repel can save ulted hero because of 1.5 dmg delay its enought for good omni to repel somone.
-Doom: doomed Necrophos is uselles.
-Silencer: you realy dont want to be silenced in teamfight
-Nyx:on mid his base HP regen can overdrive your Heartstopper aura
-Anicent Apparation:Ice blast prevents you from healing your self and your team mates,also stops the sadist effect
-Disruptor: His ultimate make you uselles if he gets you
-Juggernaut: Bladefury gives him magic immunity when acctivated
-Lifestealer: Rage gives him magic immunity when acctivated
-Huskar:completely ignore the damage from his abilities, especially from Reaper's Scythe​, with his Berserker's Blood​.
-Nightstalker:mad long silence during night
-Anti-mage,huge magic resistance+he will melt your mana,if you are six sloted next to this guy you will be living bomb for your team..ypu are playin mage oriented hero,and he is antimage,should i say anything? Also new scepter will be cancer for you.
-Abbadon if you ultimate whan his one is ready..well you ****ed up
-Drow ranger mad dmg with silence..
-Viper magic immunity + dmg
-Rubick,providing his whole team magic resistance can realy **** you up,tell your carry to kill him first,if he is dead you can win teamfight
-Medusa and her mana shield...she can take your ultimate like its nothing,also she will drain your mana.
-your counter picks are heroes with mana drain,silences,nukes and disambles.
-Shadow demon can make your vicitym to survie,due its distraption.
-outworld devouer same as SD.

-You counter high health pool heroes,and heroes that are most of the time on half of HP or so like Slark,Legion...
Necro's victims
-Tide large HP pool
-Axe large HP pool
-Dragon knight:no matter how many total Hp and armor he has, Schyte can kill DK on half HP
-Pudge:Heartstopper Aura will always hut opponents for the same amount,and Reaper's Schyte allows Necrophos to severely cut down the tanking power because of percentage based nature of it. Necrophos is an ecvellent Anti-Tank.
-Centaur Warruner.
-Almoust every strenght hero (except huskar and life...)

-Midlane,laning phase:

-Invoker quas+exort can't and wont kill good necro by him self,he can use cold snap but he can't hit you when you hit ghoust shorud.
He may be problem with Quas+Wex

-Phantom Assasin : She simply can't hit you,and if you hit her with couple of death pulses she will have to go back or risk getting killed due reaper's schyte.

-Monkey King: Same as Phantom.

-Tinker: farming will not be problem his nukes will be,ask for gank so you can gain advantage in levels. Get rain drop or even early hood of defiance.

-Medusa: simply dont pick necro to face her. Mana drain,and mana shiel will make you suffer.

-Shadowfiend: He is fragile but he deals tons of Damage both physical and magical,ask for ganks so he wont be problem.

-Pudge: get your self ward and you will be fine,report ss and have a tp with your self and he will not be fine.

-Templar Asassin: you cant kill her neither she can solo kill you,but she will overfarm you. If facing it,get early urn of shadows,gank,get kill return on mid,wait till she engages you then urn her and kill her. Also get blademail after veil.

-Queen of Pain:Shouldnt be a problem,she is fragile,you can outfarm her.

-Nyx Assasin: Will be a problem,mana drain,Spiked carapce,also 4.0 Hp regen,overdrives Heartstoper aure,stun,vendeta,without wards you will be easy target for nyx.

-Ember Spirit, well with new veil build he can get you.

-Storm spirit: he can overfarm you,but cant kill you.Against him you will need eul's scepter of divinity because he will get orchid of malovelnce.

-Viper: deppends on skill,but you can get him,if you survive his ult. Consider power treads good against him because of 200 hp.

-Outworld devourer can and will ruin your day. Hope he is passive,so you can farm,and gank later.

Be carefull:
Pudge,mirana, will be problem if roaming for you.
Riki may,and may be not problem,depending on their mid hero,without slow or stun he will not be problem,but if there is slow/stun he will be problem due to smoke screen.
Bounty hunter cant do much against you,he may even get him self killed when ganking.
Lion will be problem for sure.
Techies if hits BLast Off! will secure you to die and you will be silenced.

Also: you are storngest in mid game,even if you start with 0/2 or 0/3 you will be fine if you farmed,if you cant farm stack for your self,go for rune on min 2:30 or 4:30 6:30 and so on ,pick up the rune and stack medium or hard camp.
The immportant thing is to pull the blink veil and aghanim in 30-35 minutes.

-FARM,but dont forget that you are positon 2,leave farm to carry while pushing but no to supports.
-Denie,your enemie will lose EXP and you will profit from Sadist
-Get veil,it will boost your ultimate,and death pulse,also you will boost others magic dmg
-ONE VEIL IN TEAM IS ENOUGHT-tell your team mates that you will get it
-Phase boots are great item on him,since he have bad MS and it will help you in escaping/chasing + you will be able to get maximum of death pulse
-On lvl 6 get ulty and try to kill enemie midder*WITH SCHYTE* he will get more respawn time that means EXP loss for him and you will profit
-Gank,if you have veil and phase you can,trust me.
-try to get best position all the time

Blademail can ruin your day if you ultimate on it.
Raindrop,Hood of defiance,Pipe can really destroy your kill potencial.
Linek's sphere, you must get item like:Rod of atos,Eul's scepter,dagon to remove it before ultying.
Lotus orb,dont ult when somone has Lotus it will hurt you.
Anti-mages aghanims will nuke you down.
Glimmer cape,gives 40%magic resistance,can make somone survive your ultimate
Black king bar,its obvious.


7.00 Added Talent Tree :

+400 Health
-1s Death Pulse Cooldown
+10% Magic Resistance
+5% Spell Amplification
+15 Movement Speed
+6 All Stats
+6 Strength
+40 Damage

In my oppinion
-1s Death Pulse Cooldown,you get nuke,and you heal more,can it be better?
+5 Spell Amplification,well you got dagon didn't ya?
+6 All Stats,15 Movement speed is't much
+40 Damage,to own mid lane!


Power treads or guardian greaves or phase boots?

Power treads are optional,in case you will need more hp get it.

Guardian graves you shell get this when going offlane,and/or they have silences.If going mid you can skip GG boots and get Eul's for surviving silences.

Phase Boots are good for mid,will help you farm early,positionate,creeps wont block you,you can get closer to get kill with Reaper's schyte or survive slowing them with ghoust shroud and escaping.

When facing heavy nukers and being offlane get pipe.

if They have nature prophet without shadow blade get dagon,be deratization,hide before he rats dagon+ulty him and punish him for being out of teamfight,when facing SB Nature,or brood consider radiance good idea.

Get blademail if getting focused,its game changing item,gives armor,survavibilty,intaligence and DMG.

If they have silences/orchid/bloodthorn you will need eul and/or guardian greaves.

If you are offlaner,consider lotus orb to remove focus from your carry.

Ghost scepter is good idea if facing Antimage.

Dagon is optional item,if you are stomping get it to keep your advantage and keep off their cores from farm.

Veil of discord is core item for you,it make gives you bigger killing potential,helps farming,helps your alies.

Aghanim's Scepter is must have item for you,25 secundes cooldown is insane,17 with Aghas and Octarine,13 with Aghas Octarine and Arcane rune.

Octarine core is what makes you almoust immortal,spell life steal and cooldown reduction make you more tanky and dangerous.

Boots of travel can be get instead of phases in late game.

Blink dagger can give you surprise factor,escape,chase item,its core for you.

*try to get veil,aghas,and blink in at least 30-35 minutes.

Force staff,get this when facing heavy exort invoker who rushes euls,simply forcestaff away from meteor,and kill him,or force staff your alies away from it,or get it when they have DMG over time making your blink uselles.

When facing nukers on mid or hard lane get raindrop's.

Helm of dominator can be used to get you stacks,or stun,or armor aura,or something. Can be very usefull for offlaner.

Creeping / Jungling

-When facing hard offlane and you dont get much my advice is: go for your bounty rune at 2:30,4:30,6:30,8:30 etc,and pick up rune stack your self medium/hard camp. after three or two stacks farm it up. If midlane stack closest camp to lane to prevent losing EXP.

-When low mana and/or hp farm small camp to gain regen,or/and denie creeps.

-Control runes if midlane,with DD try kill mid,with haste gank,illus haras,regen keep and use with ghoust shroud in order to survive.

-Use shrines to prevent loosing exp.

-Consider about Helm of dominator,gives you decent hp regen,and abillty to stay on lane and stack in same time.


When being support necrophos,stack your self small camp,you still need items,force kills on level 6 and protect your carry,max ghoust shroud instead of heartstoper aura,control bounty rune,get eary magic wand,get veil,guardians,but dont forget about wards.
Denie as much as you can so you gain regen so you can haras your enemies,and heal your self and your carry.
Start with Death pulse,not aura.

Team Work

Necrophos is simple hero,and your job is clear,keep you alies alive in team fihts,and kill enemies.
You can even start of a fight with Reaper's Schyte,but your team needs to follow up,so warn them,say it,tipe it,ping.
*for example: you see their carry slark,you blink in ult,your lion ults him,he dies,and you win a teamfight 4v5 because they dont have carry,simple as that.
If not going solo offlane there are some combos:
-Undying,gives you slow,additional heal,removes their strenght,making them more fragile,their carry wont be able to farm it.
-Sand king,you with sand king ,easy kills ,easy farm. Sand king controles bounty rune and stacks for him self,you get kills on lane,and you farm on lane,you go for veil,making him able to rush blink,also he can gank mid.
-Huskar,2 aggresive,damage dealers on one lane,geting easy kills and pushing fast.
-Lion,your ults have synergy,also,he can rush blink by laning with you,getting kills,and ganking,this hell of a party smashes.
-Bristelback,same as huskar.
When supporting jugger will love you,as you can heal him in his bladefury,and ghoust shorud slowes.


Necrophos is simple hero,with simple task,almost everything you need is here but if you wish something more here is somehting good,differne then mine,but you need as much as you can get advices and knowlege right?

I hope i hellped you guys,good luck and have fun.


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