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Necrolyte All Lane and Roles

February 14, 2013 by Nekrolayt
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Tanky Carry Solo Lane

DotA2 Hero: Necrophos

Hero Skills

Death Pulse

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Heartstopper Aura

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Ghost Shroud

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Reaper's Scythe

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Necrolyte All Lane and Roles

February 14, 2013


Hello everyone. I am Nekrolayt, as you can understand from my name this is my favourite and most played hero. I play dota for fair amount of years so i want to share my experience with this awesome Hero. I made 4 builds but i defintely dont recommend the last two because they are ok, but really waste of a potential. So sit back and read, i hope you'll enjoy.

What is Necrolyte ?

Necrolyte is an amazing hero with so many diffrent roles and gameplay styles. He is usually played as Tank, and Tanky builds are definitely makes Necrolyte a powerful late game carry. He can be played as support, but it will be waste of amazing potential. Some people think his main role is support just because dota says it, but its wrong. It's like playing huskar as support. They both have heals... Right ?


Amazing carrying potential
Late game based skillset for an Int hero
Hard to kill
Easy to play
Can adapt every role and situation
Strong ULT
Nice AOE Nuke + Heal
FUN hero if played with correct builds

Squishy early game
No escape mechanism
Mana Dependent
Magic Immune is pain in the ***
So Item Dependent
Can't mega-carry without ultra farm

Skills and Items

Well, Necrolyte's First Skill is Death Pulse and it's a very powerful AoE Nuke and Heal. His second ability is an amazing Passive Heartstopper Aura and it damages enemies arround Necrolyte as an HP percentage. His third skill is Sadist that he gets HP and Mana regen stackable per every creep he kills, denies included. His ultimate is called Reaper's Scyte and it's a really great nuke that kills wounded enemies immideatly.

So read that skills again and tell me if it isn't great late game skills. Especially with correct tanky items which makes Necrolyte a carry. Now let's talk about that shall we ?

Necrolyte only needs 2 things. Health, and Mana. Thats why you "MUST" get a Bloodstone. Necrolyte without a bloodstone is identical to a guy without a *****. Bloodstone will make you more tanky and it gives you the potential to spam your Q skill (5 Sec Cooldown) without having much trouble of mana. Of course his ultimate can be stronger with Aghanim's Scepter, and it is a must have too. Even if you are playing with that ****py support build. When you cast your ult, it has a 1 second delay that you can also spam your Death Pulse one last time. With combination with Aghanim, Death Pulse and Heartstopper Aura (I am not mentioning dagon because it's really sick and thats what makes necrolyte also a fun Nuker) you will one hit every enemy around %75 health. So, more tanky enemies are, harder carry Necrolyte will be. Thats amazing.

I only recommend you to play with first build i gave and you must go to a solo lane, because necrolyte has an amazing soloing potential with heals and his passives. But playing with mid/ganker build is really really fun too. So let's start with tanky solo items.

Blade Mail is an amazing item on Necrolyte. Because it frikkin reflects all the damage. So tanky right ? and you can combine it with your Heartstopper Aura and Death Pulse and the damage potential of Carrying goes to crazy. Really fun to play Necro with BM. Also what is the best item for tank heroes? Of cource it's Heart of Tarrasque. When you walk in the battlefield with these items... that's really sick. Also if you overfarmed like hell, get a Shiva's. Thats another perfect item for the old green guy. :)

I want to mention about another build, the second one. Mid ganker/nuker guide. Altough it's not powerful as the first one it's really fun using Dagon combining with your ult and other skills. I call this build "Dagonecro" because after classic Aghanim and Bloodstone you must take 5 level dagon for ur skill combos. U can one hit squishy heroes like riki,bounty hounter,bloodseeker esc... Also a refresher orb makes ur combo Double and u can one hit 2 enemies instead of 1. But remember, it's not a great build. it's just fun for low level games, because this build is compeltely ****ty if enmy has magic resist or immunity.

I dont want to talk about support or hard carry builds. Because it hurts my fellings. But if you want to "TRY" and i can't recoomend you to do, i gave the best build i can give there. But playing necro as support is like playing void with Dagon...


So, i guess thats it my firends. Short but really good guide from me. Dont forget to build tanky and torture your enemies.

A Pro Necrolyte Player.

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