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Natures Prophet Pusher/Late Teamfighter

June 24, 2013 by Jublees
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Early Pushing/Late Teamfighting

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

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Starting Items

Before Leaving the Jungle

Let the Pushing Begin

For Teamfighting

For Backdooring

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Nature's Call

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Natures Prophet Pusher/Late Teamfighter

June 24, 2013


This is a build for Nature Prophet based around Jungling in the Early gam Pushing in the Mid Game and Team Fighting when you have your Mega-Farm in the Late Game

Pros and Cons


-Easy to jungle with early
-Global presence
-Hard to shut down Prophet Pushes
-Can keep Treants focused on structures while normal Creeps attack enemy Creeps
-Becomes DISGUSTINGLY powerful when farmed
-Great farming ultimate


-Little team fight presence in the early mid game other than ultimate
-Can be shut down by detection with out a blink dagger
-Can have his teleportation interrupted by many moves

Natures greatest contribution to the team is to push, if the enemy teams heroes have decided to push a tower in the top lane, teleport down and push the bottom lane while your team is fighting in top. Apply this logic through all of the game your low cool down teleport lets you get back to base in the most DIRE (see what I did there) of situations

Item Explanation

Starting Items

-Ring of Basilius
Gives mana regen to you and armour to your Treants allowing them to stand in lane and in the jungle longer

Jungle order is as follows for the clarity,
-Summon Treants, Clear an easy camp
-Summon new treants when cooldown is finished, Pop a clarity
-repeat treants on next camp, pop a clarity
-teleport to cheese spots now that your mana will remain low unless you idle
-once you have enough gold for Hand of midas go back to Fountain
-Jungle like normal

It may be tempting to pick up some mana regen, such as a Void stone or sages mask. Don't its a waste of your farm if you really need mana just go back to the fountain with your teleport

Jungle Items

-Hand of Midas
Self explanatory gives good attack speed and helps you meet that quota and clear camps faster

-Power Treads
obvious why you need these, get boots first added mobility allows you to move between camps faster, then gloves of haste or robe of the magi will work fine both increase DPS but robe will also give mana regen, either way it wont take long you should have ultimate by this point and be able to farm all lanes

Pushing Items

-Shadow Blade
Allows you to escape ganks, at the end of the day Prophets very easy to gank particularly if a pudge is present, make sure to stay behind your creep wave and trees from the tree line so you can get away.
-Teleportion does not break your shadow blade invisibility until the spell is complete and you're back in the fountain

Armour (Armor take your pick) reduction allows you to demolish towers faster particularly if the enemy team start carrying Teleport Scrolls

For Teamfighting

-Anything that will increase your right click damage while also adding in orbs (unique attack modifiers) work great for this mainly if they stack with other Orbs.

For Backdooring

-Whats wanted here is either more right click damage or speed orbs aren't necessary. A necronomicon can be a good pick up for invisibility countering and also the more things hitting the tower that you can control the better. The mask allows you to burn towers, although if you have a troll warlord on your team this can be missed. The blink dagger simply allows you to blink into trees and then teleport home

General Play

As previously stated your role is to push, even in the late game this should be your main focus of the game. Yes in the late game you will be good use in a team fight but only get involved when it becomes needed, otherwise forcing a retreat is a much more sound action.

Your sprout is a good ability to disable heroes who can become magic immune, eg Lifestealer, windrunner, juggernaut.

Your Treants can also be very useful in helping someone escape, they can be micro'd to block heroes who are chasing allies or even to block an entry point,the stairs to Dire's ancients from Rojan for example

In conclusion Prophet can become absolutely disgustingly powerful in the late game if you farm and build correctly, just ensure you maintain a global pushing presence

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