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Nature's Prophet laning guide

October 17, 2012 by jtwo
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DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

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Nature's Prophet laning guide

October 17, 2012


To often I see Nature's Prophet picked and then jungled for 30 minutes instead of laning. I feel he is far better as a lane support and ganker than just a jungler.

So this guide is to help you understand how to play NP in a lane and assist around the map. A lot of this map requires the player to have great map awareness because you are going to setup a lot kills and push lanes when needed.


You want to start off with some tangos and mana regen, if you are the only support then also get the courier at the start of the game.

You want to rush to Orchid Malevolence as this is your core item.

After you have Orchid, ensure that someone or you is warding their side of the jungle, you want to be able to setup ganks and without sight of them it makes it much harder.

After that proceed to build an Aghanmin's Scepter, this allows you to push lanes you are not in and keep most the lanes pushed careful not to use to much before you have this as you will end up stealing last hits from team members instead of pushing lanes.

The next item is Daedalus, this gives you a great deal of damage and combined with Orchid's damage you can now start ganking solo people around the map.

Depending on the game, you can either get Desolator or eye of skadi, if the other team's carry is doing better than your carry get the eye of skadi as it's passive will give your team the advantage in the fights and give you extra health to last longer in team fights.


In laning you want to level sprout first, be in a lane with another stunner or burst hero. I like laning with kunkka or lifestealer.

Second you want to prioritize leveling teleportation all the way to 4 first, this is will give you great map presents that no other hero can have.

Your third ability nature's call should have at least one in it to help with pushing lanes

And finally do not get your ultimate until you have maxed both nature's call and teleportation first. Your ultimate should be used for team fights and pushing lanes once you have the Aghamin's Scepter, otherwise you will be stealing last hits from your team.

Creeping / Jungling

In the lane phase you mainly are playing a support to the carry, so you do not need to worry about last hitting creeps instead deny your creeps as much as you.

When laning with someone like Kunkka, setup the torrent with sprout to ensure that the enemy gets hit.

Once you have teleportation, watch the map for their courier and low health heros. Teleporting in and killing their courier while it is behind the second and third tier towers is a great feeling.

The most important thing when ganking is to remember to sprout yourself to give yourself time to cast teleportation without being attacked.


A quick summary on this playstyle is primarily to support the carry in killing hero kills and pushing towers, once you orchid's you can now silence as well as sprout heros to ensure they get the maximum damage from your gank.

Once you have nature's call level, be sure to jungle and just support the lane. This will ensure you get more gold and give your carry more experience. If your carry has not been out farming their lane then stay and assist.

Finally only use your ultimate to push lanes and jump from lane to lane while the other 4 members push a tower, this might not kill a tower but it will weaken them to the point of the failing.

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