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nature's prophet laning guide

July 6, 2012 by tMe-P1
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Natures prophet laning build

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

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mid game

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nature's prophet laning guide

July 6, 2012


Hey guys this is P1 here and today im goin to talk to u about natures prophet.

Natures profit is a laning and jungling hero who is commonly refered to as the gank king, the reason for this is bacause if u have the right skill and item build he can be pretty much unstopable.

Item reasons

All the items i have put for this hero have very good reasons.

Lets start at items the reson i have chosen all of the recommended items for start game is because they are very good to farm up xp and gold early and not really have to worry about health and mana.The reason i have chosen the ring of basilius and the boots are because the ring just gives that little bit extra damage and mana regen early game and the boots are always an early game item for every hero, but lets move on to the core items i chose the treds because if u are going to be laning with NP there is bound to be some ganking involved in it and these boots will giveu that extra attack speed and mana to kill the opponend you are upp against, the aghinims scepter is a vital component for this hero it makes team fights the easiest they can be with the bonus health,mana,damage and not to mention the awesome ulti bounce doubler you can go up against any hero in the game and always come out on top.lets move on to the mid game items the orchid mavolence is one of the best ursa or huskar killers usually natures profit has a weakness to these 2 heros but with the orchid mavolenct this completely kill these 2 heros and will make them fall behind every one in gold and levels if used efectively.The desolater is and icing on the cke item for natures profit when natures profit gets this item it should be around gg and when he gets it pretty much is gg it is such a powerful item i think it is vital to have for natures profit to own the team fights.Radiance,MKB and shivas guard are items for if you havent finished which could be for many reasons such as they are defending the towers really well or if they have a really well farmed axe which is very tanky which your orchid cant even help you kill these 3 items will happily let you own the **** out of anythin that stands in your way with these items it is even possible to solo roshan so that concludes my item reasons chapter.

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