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Nature's Prophet. Easy and powerful lane pusher

July 2, 2013 by Funny29
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Lane pusher

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

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Nature's Prophet. Easy and powerful lane pusher

July 2, 2013


As nature prophet you can confirm a win by pushing lanes (and destroying towers) all over the map.
Even with much stronger opponents you can win if you just get in their base and destroy everything.
Because of your teleport you can swap lanes within seconds, making it very hard for the enemies to kill you.

Don't pick this hero against a Spirit Breaker, he will just charge you and use dust... you can never escape!!

Pros / Cons

- You push the lanes to fast the enemies have no time to respond!
- You can teleport in and out teamfights!
- End-game you do MASSIVE damage!
- You can stuck people between trees up to 5.25 seconds!
- Nature's Prophet is the fastest farmer in the game!
- You are ranged
- Jungling is very easy
- Even with a noob team you can still win the game
- It's never boring!
- Going 1 on 1 with melee heroes you will almost always win (mid to end-game)

- You die fast...
- You are nothing when going solo...
- Enemies with dust and it's over for you...
- Going 1 on 1 with ranged heroes you can almost never win


Always start with Hand of Midas to get a very good farm (hold on to this as long as possible).
Be sure the Hand of Midas is always on cool down.

The second thing to buy is Power threads, always on Strength.

Then buy a Shadow Blade. The moment you have Shadow Blade you can stop jungling and starting pushing lanes.

Then get to your core items, by getting Desolator and Crystalys you do much more damage and you can push lanes faster.

As end game items get the Daedalus and Mjollnir for massive damage and attack speed (which makes you push lanes even faster)

If you keep dying you can buy a Heart of Tarrasque.
Otherwise go for Aghanim's Scepter.

If you wanna go into YOLO mode, go buy a Devine Rapier.... just don't die.

What to do?

Starting jungling. Your trees will get the hits, you kill the neutrals.
(a trick is to spawn trees at your base, then refill ur mana pool in the base while sending the trees to farm already, then you catch up with them with a full mana pool, so you can farm longer before returning to base).

When you have the Shadow Blade, go push those lanes. The moment you see heroes getting close, use your Shadow Blade and teleport out of there (yes you can teleport while staying invisible).

Keep teleporting from lane to lane to make it hard for them to focus on your (try to stay on top and bottom lanes, as those are easier to get to fast). If you are pro try the mid lane to.

Be sure to keep using your ultimate to get a lot of last hits.

About your first skill...
Use this on people you are sure you can kill (note: in begin game you are ****, and you don't do any damage).
If you are a pro player, you can use this skill to trap yourself inside it and then teleport away.

Whenever you see a teamfight happen, you can either deciede to teleport to it and use your Sprout skill to help the teamfight, or you can use the time to push into their base, and destroy a lot of stuff (which is smarter)!

Even if you have a team that dies more then killing, by using the push tactic it's hard for the enemy to push your base, because you will meanwhile just push theirs (and you are much faster with it!)

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