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Nature's Prophet early midas

October 23, 2012 by Pito
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early midas

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

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Nature's Prophet early midas

October 23, 2012


Hey welcome to the guide

I'm not a great player but i made this guide because I had nothing to do. to use Prophet you must have some knowledge of jungling and ganking. I hope you enjoyed the guide and please comment on your builds

Why i chose my abilities

Treants allow you to Jungle straight away and gives great pushing power this ability should be used first, know that sprout can be turned into treants.

teleportation I like to max tp second as it can really help your support and ganking capabilities. I like to pick up tp second to help avoid ganks and gives you the option to get somewhere quick. be aware though if you use tp to ganks(especially early on) you will be not be able to escape until the cooldown runs out.

Sprout Is a great skill for kills and running away, casting sprout on an enemy can stop it from moving as long as the enemy hero doesn't have a way to cut down trees. I like to gank when i first pick up this skill at level 4.

Natures wrath is a great ability and can give you lots of gold. You simply wait till all three lanes creeps can be seen and then you cast the spell. This can also harass heroes out of lanes, helping your team. When you use this to kill a hero try to cast it away from the hero so it gains extra damage. Unless you might lose sight of the hero.

How i Play

Your main role is to help gank heroes and push. I like to try and gank at level 4 when i get my first sprout and I have tp for attack or to run away.

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