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Nature's Prophet - Cowardly Pusher

August 16, 2012 by blaze#272035
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Midas Rush

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

Hero Skills


4 12 13 14


2 8 9 10

Nature's Call

1 3 5 7

Wrath of Nature

6 11 16


15 17 18

Introduction To Nature's Profit~

There are many ways to play Nature's Profit.

1. Dude can gank at level 1 with a 3 second aoe bind.
2. Dude can make killer trees and kill all the towers.
3. Dude can be at anywhere at anytime.
4. Dude is RICH and if dead can almost always buyback, and then #3.
5. Dude is SO rich you can buy any item for any situation, this usually means Dagon to KS.

Now these builds are for normal people, you're spineless so we throw all of that away and I present to you, Nature's Profit - The Cowardly Pusher! \o/

Explanation of Items, Skills, and Timings for the spineless.

Begin the game by getting your "Make Killer Trees" skill and wait in your ghetto indoor pool until the -00:07 mark and Make Killer Trees. Make Killer Trees has a 37cd so if done correctly should be refreshed at the 00:30 neutral creep spawn mark. This is done to allow you to either take down the large creep camp by spawning an extra set or the small camp without spending mana. Now unless you're sure you can do something, do not port to assist; you are rushing midas and use your ports mainly for traveling back to your ghetto indoor pool.

Once you get your Midas, you should be level 5 at around the 6:20~6:40 mark. Use it on the large creep and obtain level 6 and go gank all the things and take their money for your own. Remember to buy a TP scroll because your level 1 Teleport might get you killed! ;D

Do not spam your ult yet or your team will die. Also do not get shoes. You are a tree and have no feet so you don't need shoes. Remember to use the Midas and rob innocent neutrals every chance you get. Always aim for the large creep if possible, cus you need them levels. Also this is the point where you may want to invest in a ghost scepter in case there are dudes who can only auto attack but can't stun you.

Save up monies for a Staff for more mana and damage so you can get money faster and gank more often. Then get the point booster so you get more mana and sustain. Get the Axe next and then finish the scepter by level 11 hopefully. Now if you aim your ult well, it will eat up like 600hp. Farm and gank all the things.

Next up, get the magical demon-minion book. It's good **** for when the carries begin taking over the game and it's no longer safe. Your new job is to fly all over the world and terrorize all the towers with your minions. You do not need to be with your minions. Also make sure to run your archer away if it's in danger of enemy carries because he's worth 100gold but depending on situation, leaving the melee there to die is ok.

Now you can tank for rosh with your minions so you can help get rosh. Also keep smokes with you now. Smoke is beautiful for back dooring towers as well as roshing. :)

Manta makes more minions to fight for you while you hide like a little *****.
Vlads buff all your dudes up so they hit harder. It should give over 50 bonus damage to your minions in total and you don't even have to be there! Booya!
Assault Cuirass weakens towers, as well as strengthen your minions. That manta is carrying both your buffs even without you being there. Feel free to send your army into their base while you teleport back to your team for the teamfight. ;D
Finally Deso. Weakens everything and with AC protecting your ***. There is no longer reason not to suicide rax.

Warning : Before selling your midas, use it to save enough reliable gold to buyback once in the future. The midas is a beautiful tool to save up reliable gold.

Pros / Cons

Your team will have the manage most things without you.

Enemy towers may be denied and it WILL BE YOUR FAULT. You mostly won't care though.

You're completely useless in a teamfight with the exception of your sprout, and also demon-book#3's demons has true sight so use that ****! Also because you're useless, you are more benefitial to your team by counter attacking during teamfights. If you see an enemy teleport back to base to confront you, TP scroll back to base so now the teamfight is in your favor because they lost a dude defending, and you joined the fight.

You will need to spend time looking at the minimap while jungling, even more so if you have reached level 6 and can go gank. This is difficult to most spineless noobs. If so at the very least, if you see a fight, throw your ult in the opposite corner of the map to assist.

You will need pro micro skills, by which I mean when you're pushing a tower. Send 1 or 2 killer trees pass the tower and divert the incoming enemy creep wave away. If you hear teleporting sounds while you're microing, this is when you GTFO.

You need to be smart about where and when to teleport as well as where and when to ult or you alone will destroy your team.

Finally you will be called a spineless useless noob a lot, until you rax your opponents. But if your team does lose, you will be the object of blame for their own uselessness. There is no way around this. There are spineless people, and there are ****s in DotA 2. Sometimes a person can be both.

Team Work

Your main goal is to
1. Somehow destroy all the T1 and T2 towers through whatever dishonest means necessary
2. Proceed to get any one melee rax down.
3. If you have succeeded in doing both #1 and #2. Now you can backdoor to your heart's content. \o/

Alternatively if you have a viable carry on your team, you can switch to
1. Somehow destroy all the T1 and T2 towers through whatever dishonest means necessary
2. Keep all lanes pushed so your carries have time to farm.
3. This is done by spamming your ult whenever you see all three waves as well as teleport to different lanes to push them with killer trees and demon minions. You should always be elsewhere, Midasing jungle dudes or assisting with roshan.

Remember to backdoor with smoke and minions as that amount of BM will not only throw your opponents off their game, but might also down towers and raxes, which is good. Feel free to teleport into enemy base, spawn Killer Trees and demon minions and quickly GTFO with a TP scroll before the opponent can react. This can stop enemy pushes, enemy rosh, or screw up their team synergy as you teleport into a teamfight as half of them are teleporting out of it.

Ranked Play

You must learn all other Nature's Profit's builds and change your style in accordance to the situation. Also you are screwed. \o/

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