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Nature Prophet Farming Guide

January 10, 2013 by pretty in pink
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DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

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Nature Prophet Farming Guide

pretty in pink
January 10, 2013

Nature's Prophet: The Jungler

Nature's Prophet is one of the most versatile heroes in the games. You can play him as a jungle, laner, support, semi-carry, and pusher. His treants let him be a very effective jungler and his tp, which at lvl four is a 20 second global tp, lets him be anywhere on the map he needs to be. For farming, pushing, getting to team fights, and just going back to base it is a very good skill. His sprout ability, which he can cast around the enemy team, keeps them in place for a 5 second duration at lvl 4. Lastly, his ult lets him farm, and push out every signle lane, without requiring him to stop farming or pushing. Together, all of his abilities make him a very scary hero.

This is my first guide, so i would appreciate tips on what to approve and any sections I should add.

I will add sections and edit when i have time.

Pros / Cons


    Good Jungler
    Crazy Pushing Capabilities
    Great Escape
    Very flexible Hero
    Doesn't need a lot of farm to push or gank

    Requires a lot of farm to do damage
    very squishy hero
    Overgrowth not very hard to escape
    Doesn't do very much damage until he gets damage items
    Not very helpful in team Fights



I get a ring of protection for the bonus 2 armor, which is very useful because you are jungling. Later, I also build this into a Ring of Basilius.
I get four clarities because a jungling NP is very mana dependent. Each cast of Nature's Call costs 160 mana, which with your very small mana pool is almost impoosible to support without clarities.
I grab a tango for the 115 health regen this is very useful, because since it doesn't get cancelled from you taking damage, you can activate a tango and continue jungling. I only grab one because if you jungle correctly you wont need anymore tangos.

These starting items leave you with 138 gold, which you can use to rush your ring of basilius.
I grab the ring of basilius for the mana regen and the bonus armor for the treants. The bonus regen is very nice because you have a very low mana pool at the start, and the bonus armor increases your treants tankiness, making it slightly easier to jungle.
I get the gloves of haste because the extra attack speed is nice and them build into a hand of midas to increase my farm.
I get the hand of midas as quickly as possible for the increase of farm. The hand of midas gives you 190 gold for the creep you kill, and 2.5 their experience. When you first get hand of midas you want to cast it on the stronger creep. However, when you get stronger, you want to cast it on the weaker creep to increase your farm. DO NOT FORGET TO USE THE HAND OF MIDAS. The attack speed is really good, but the farm it gets you is even better.
Your ult lets you farm every lane, but with aghanims scepter you should be able to farm every single one of the creeps. Also, if cast right, it can be used as a 275-500 damage nuke on every single enemy hero. with each unit it hits it does 7% more damage, so it does a ton of damage to the 18th unit it hits.
I like to get a desolater now because the bonus 60 damage is really nice, and the -6 armor makes it all the more easier to push down towers. Don't get a desolater if someone else on your team already has one or a desolater would be more effective on another hero because desolaters don't stack.
If you have all these items, you are a very fed or farmed prophet. If i reach this point of the game i like to get a daedalus. I start of with a crystalys becasue that gives a crit (albeit a smaller one) and some extra damage. Next I get the Demons edge and recipe. The daedalus, in combination with desolater, will rip through almost any hero. Although it isn't as effective on prophet as some other heroes, that does not mean it isn't good.
The orchid of melevolence is a very handy silence, and the extra 30% damage is not to be scoffed at, espacially since you have a deso and daedalus right now. Orchid now lets you gank almost any hero with confidence and gives you a nice 25 extra intelligence and a 150% extra mana regen, meaning now you don't even need to tp back to base if you run low on mana.
This is the point in the game were i open up the shop window and look at the most expensive items. Satanic is a fun Item to get for the (of course) insane lifesteal, but it also gives you 25 strength, boosting up your still kind of low health.

Congratulations. You've reached the point were there are almost no items for you to get. You could get Divine Rapier for the crazy 300 extra damage. Or you could go for abyssal blade, for the thrill of getting the most expensive item in dota. If you haven't won by now you are either purposefully dragging this on, or you are the worst super farmed, uber fed, Nature's Prophet there ever has been. Seriously. By now you can probably one hit their Ancient.

Situational Items

Under Situational Items I put wards, pipe and mek because it is possible that your team will need you to play support. Dust of Appearance is also put if the other team has an invis hero. The Drum of Endurance is put here too if your team needs the extra attack speed and movement speed. Usually you would get this if you are playing the support role, rather than a carry/push role. The Force staff is if you need some extra mobility and a bit more mana. The BKB is obviously for if you feel like the enemy team has too many disables for you to do anything.

Items To Avoid

You should avoid manta at any state in the game as NP because being an intelligence hero, manta does absolutely nothing to help Furion. I also added linkens sphere because you dont need the extra mana, and you might as well get BKB if you need to block spells. I mention battlefury because RANGED UNITS CAN NOT USE IT. only melee heroes can use battlefury, and there are a lot more useful items to get that extra 65 damage.

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