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Nature$ Profit

October 1, 2016 by Fabri.Jinga
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DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

Purchase Order


6-8 mins

20 mins

25 mins

Farming CORE

Care Package


Nature$ Profit

October 1, 2016

Early Game

< 0:00

When the game starts, immediately spawn your treants and send them to the rune. Proceed by buying two clarities and the Iron Talon. Stay in fountain.


Spawn treants and wait to buy a third (3) clarity. Head to the camp with the yellow star.


Kill the yellow star camp, before the one minute mark so that it re-spawns. Kill it again.

1:00 - 6:00

Kill the three camps that have stars in the picture below. Macro your treants and use the Iron Talon on the biggest creep. When you buy the Gloves of Haste use the courier and clarities if needed.

Your team mates might start asking for help, just ignore them. Specially if your "carry" is in the safe lane alone.

6:00 - 15:00

Keep jungling until you get your aghanim's sceptre. If you see a tower or a player kill opportunity, go for it only if you have a tp.

Mid Game

15:00 - 25:00 mins

At this point you should have your brown boots, hand of midas and your aghanim's sceptre. You want to keep farming until you get your octarine core.

Spam your ult and macro your treants to push the lanes. Never attack the towers with your hero. Stay safe in the jungle and keep getting that mulla baby.

Personally, I like to move to the ancients and the big camp at this point. Since you can cliff farm and macro your treants to push the lanes.

Warning: Your team mates might be salty at this point. Keep ignoring them.

Care Package

Now that you have your farming core, I like to buy TP boots and Necro 3. I like to use my teleport behind the enemy tower and block the road with my necro minions and my treants. Then use my TP boots to push the opposite tower. I like to call this care package.

Do this for about 10-15 minutes and you should be able to get 15k gold. End it with style.


If you followed this guide correctly, your team managed to survive 4vs5 and you farmed like a baws, then you can buy a few rapiers. Now end the game.

Nature$ Profit

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