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Natural selection

July 16, 2014 by hazardland
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Build of beast

DotA2 Hero: Lycan

Purchase Order


Healing Salve
Stout Shield
Quelling Blade

First 15 mins

Vladmir's Offering
Power Treads

Absolute core


If late game

Assault Cuirass

Hero Skills

Summon Wolves

1 3 8 9


10 12 13 14

Feral Impulse

2 4 5 7


6 11 16


15 17 18

Natural selection

July 16, 2014

Get the nature of the beast

After playing 200 games with Lycan. Well I gained some experience. Even if they say that Lycan is not heavily item depended hero I say he is.

Lycan has one of the most powerful ulti(Shapeshift) giving you maximum movement speed and increasing your attack speed by decreasing your base attack time to 1.5 and this is a huge boost while your and almost everybodys natural base attack time is 1.7. Remember also this means all your speed boosting items work even better while you are in ulti mode.

What does Lycan ulti give you in details ? Once you gain attack speed you are increasing your built in critical hit chance (Feral impulse aka built in Daedalus).

Goal ? You already have built in x1.7 critical hit passive skill with 30% of chance (Feral implulse), your core items are Vlad and Skull Basher so your goal is to gain even more attack speed and more damage output to stack critical hit, stun and lifesteal.

I ve seen many peoples' builds. They always include this 2 items in their builds (Vlad and Skull Basher). I ve played with this builds and now I know that only with these items you cant be leader and even more you ll die often if you rush in the battle without care. There is something else for Lycan to become the true beast and killing spree and that else is DESOLATOR.

So the tale begins:

How to start ?

In past times they used Lycan to jungle because he had powerfull 2 wolves. Then valve decreased hit points of wolves. So it became not practical and risky to enter jungles. After that people stopped playing with Lycan. You can only see it on international events because old skilled players still love Lycan and know how to grow tower destroyer and ganker beast from it. But they rarely jungle too.

I dont jungle but I start with jungling items. Stout shield and Quelling blade. You might say that you can prebuy ring of protection as it builds later in ring of basilius wich by itself is required for Vlad.

[STOUT SHIELD] But I strongly prefer Stout Shield. It has pseudo random 60% chance to block 20 damage. And you might say buy ring of protection it has +2 armor ! No my friend when you build it into ring of basilius you get +3 armor and +6 damage. But in early game +3 armor protection is much weaker than 60% chance to block 20 male and 10 ranged damage. So to start smoothly Stout Shield is required with it you can even harass weakly motivated enemies.

[QUELLING BLADE] Still I hear critics voices: "dude why do you buy this blade if you are not going to jungle? it does not give any hero damage boost only affects non hero units". Well it is easier to last hit with this blade, besides there will be situations when you ll need to clean creeps in lane on level 6-7 to reach 1st tier tower. Sometimes on level 7 you will have have to checkout the jungle camps boost farming and so on it is very useful to have on Lycan before mid game. Besides you can destroy a tree. None from starting game items will provide you damage against creeps as high as quelling blade. Also you can destroy sentry ward and regular ward with it. It's like all in one tool and it will also surprise Roshan when you ll visit her.

[HEALING SALVE] Well after first 2 items you ll have only gold to buy one healing thing. You must decide you prefer tango or salve. I prefer salve. Because I must only reach till I ll get my first 900 gold to buy Morbid Mask which provides lifesteal 15% enough to fill your hp just by hitting creeps. So your goal is to collect first 900 gold and survive with only healing salve which by my opinion is more than enough. If you are not going to became potentional feeder and are going to play safely just deal with healing salve.

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