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Name's Meepo , Geomancer , pleased to meet ya. (Meepo 7.06f)

September 1, 2017 by Reki1992
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Meepo

Purchase Order

Safe lane

Boots of Travel
Dragon Lance
Blink Dagger
Aegis of the Immortal
Scythe of Vyse
Abyssal Blade

Hero Skills


2 8 14 16 17 18


1 4 5 7


6 9 12 13

Divided We Stand

3 10


11 15

Hero Talents

+400 Health
-5s Poof Cooldown
-4s Earthbind Cooldown
+10% Lifesteal
+15% Evasion
+40 Poof Damage
+7 Strength
+20 Damage

Name's Meepo , Geomancer , pleased to meet ya. (Meepo 7.06f)

September 1, 2017


Meepo the Geomancer is an agility hero who can either be played as a carry or as a mid , is extremly mobile , can burst a hero down very easily with poof , farms very , very fast , and is a very hard hero to master. This guide is here to help you learn the hero.

Meepo is a hard hero because you have to master microing the clones and farming efficently , aswell as safe because too many deaths and you will make the enemy carry rich as Meepo himself. (or richer) This guide will include a look over hotkeys , control groups and tips and tricks.

I am a 4,2K Meepo player , with 65,94% winrate on the hero in 640 games. - proof.


Tosses a net at the target point, pinning down all enemy units. Earthbind prevents invisibility and blink.
Cast Animation: 0.3+0
Cast Range: 500/750/1000/1250
Radius: 220
Duration: 2

EARTHBIND is Meepo's first ability and is used to chase down heroes. At lvl 4 , you can hit units that are 1470 units away from you since it has a rather big AoE , which is really good against heroes like QoP and Anti-Mage , Storm , etc. It can root enemies , but can no longer cancel channeling abilities. However , it can disablee the following spells from being cast : Anti-Mage and Queen of Pain blink , Poof (yes) , Blink Dagger , Ember Spirit remanant escape , Mirana Leap , Magnus Skewer , Nature's Prophet TP , Puck Phase Shift , but not Orb escape , Storm Spirit's ultimate , Spirit Breaker's Charge.

Earthbind lasts for 2 seconds , you can perma root a hero with careful timing. Earthbind has a cooldown of 8 seconds.

It provides True Sight , if you've caught the enemy when you had detection over him , however , you will need to refresh the duration by using a clone's Earthbind. For example , a Riki who has been dusted's dust debuff expires , but you've caught him in earthbind , you will have to bring a clone to refresh Earthbind. It also gives flying vision , so you can catch heroes like Monkey. Should be maxed last.

Drawing mystical energies from the earth, a Meepo can teleport to another Meepo or itself after channeling for 1.5 seconds, dealing damage in both the departure and arrival locations.
Cast Animation: 1.5+0
Cast Range: Global
Damage Radius: 375
Damage: 80/100/120/140

POOF is Meepo's nuke and escape , it can be used by all 5 Meepoes to deal a total of 1400 damage (before the 25% magic resistance reduction) and can burst down a hero pretty easily. This is why Blink on Meepo is very dangerous to play against.
The spell has a 0.5 cast time and can be used to farm , and doesn't have huge mana cost. Poof can be used as an escape , and deals damage from where he poofs away , to where he poofs in , so you can deal 160 (poof level 1 deals 80 damage) damage just by poofing to yourself at level 1 , and can be used to CS in lane , and is really good to jungle with at level 4 , + when you have 2 Meepoes and level 4 Poof , you deal huge damage and can clear the jungle very fast. Should be maxed first.

Meepo enchants his weapon to deal damage per second, as well as slow the movement speed of the attacked unit. Geostrikes from multiple Meepos stack.
Damage per Second: 10/20/30/40
Move Speed Slow: 5%/10%/15%/20%
Duration: 2

GEOSTRIKE is Meepo's first passive , effective orb-like right click. The slow is pretty strong and deals good damage , the slow also goes through BKB and spell immunity. If 5 Meepoes attack at the same time , it deals 400 damage before the normal magic reduction which is 25% for most heroes. The debuff stacks from each Meepo clone and Meepo illusion , making the slow very , very strong. It melts down supports , same goes for cores. Should be maxed second.

Meepo summons an imperfect, semi-autonomous duplicate of himself, which can gain gold and experience as he does and shares his experience, attributes and abilities. However, the clones cannot wield any items but the boots that Meepo himself wears. If any of the clones die, they all die.

Meepo gets a total of 3 clones from the spell , but Aghanim's adds him another clone. Since 7.00 , as the Aghanim Scepter isn't required for 100% share stats , it is no longer mandatory. You should go for it if you need strong push , and if you think you will be pushing more than you'll be fighting. Also , the clones share gold and XP and this is why Meepo , if farmed efficently , is always 2 levels above any mid. MAX IT FIRST!


BLINK DAGGER is really useful on Meepo because it closes the gap between him and the enemy , and is really good to combine with poof for a stylish initiation , before Earthbinding the target to the ground and finishing them off with Geostrike. You should be initiating poof on all other Meepoes besides the main one before blinking forward to Earthbind and poof on the target - this will yield the best results , as it cancels Blink Dagger and inspires terror in your enemy. You should get it early!

AGHANIM'S SCEPTER gives Meepo another clone , which you really shouldn't be going for in 7.06f since it is no longer required for the 100% shared stats from hte Main Meepo to the clones - so get it if you think you'll be pushing more than fighting.

SCYTHE OF VYSE or HEX is really good on Meepo since it can be used to lockdown and disable hard to kill/evasive heroes. it's really good to combine it with the Blink Poof combo. You should be getting it after Blink Dagger.

ABYSSAL BLADE - this item is very uncommon on Meepoes , but , oh , it saved many of my games. Have you ever played against a Sven with BKB but no Linken's ? Well , this items may give you what you need , it goes through BKB so you can lockdown the target for 2 more seconds , and can kite their BKBs until you can Hex them with Scythe of Vyse.
A very used BKB (5 seconds BKB) - , you can waste 2 seconds of it , then just survive 3 more seconds and hex the target.
+ You can bash and disable channeling spells and TPs.
This item is underrated on Meepo.

EYE OF SKADI gives Meepo everything he needs , strength , agility , inteligence , and another slow.

ETHEREAL BLADE can be used to counter heroes like Legion and also is good just to nuke someone to death with it. It's also good for the agility , it gives you armor and damage , so why not?



+15 damage or +4 armor.

Meepo doesn't have bad stats , and has good agility gain - so definetly go for the +15 damage.


+25 movement speed or 15% Lifesteal

Meepo is a really fast hero , you should go for the +25 movement speed though , as it makes you even faster and harder to catch , easier to close the gap between you and that damn Anti-Mage who keeps blinking around.


+25 attack speed or + 10% Evasion

Definetly go for the attack speed , the +10% Evasion just won't pay off, while the attack speed will help you get towers faster , and melt heroes easier.


-3s Poof Cooldown or +400 Health

Meepo's Poof cooldown is 6 seconds , at level 4. But many people , including me like to go for the +400 health. Think what you need , you need to burst down a hero faster ? Get -3 Poof Cooldown. Need to be tankier ? Get +400 health.



You should be setting up the hotkeys so that you're comfortable , do not just copy someone's hotkeys because he's a pro , do it because you think you're going to like them.

Here are my hotkeys.

Q and W are on quickcast for Earthbind and Poof. The 2 passives are unbinded , I like to think of Blink Dagger and Hex as an extention of Meepo and Hex as an ultimate , so I use D for Blink Dagger and R for Scythe of Vyse , and E for some other item like BoTs or Power Treads , Ethereal. Then 3 more Inventory Hotkeys , Z , X and Alt+Q for whatever else I have in my inventory (Dust for example).


Even more important.

How to set up a Control Group ? You select an unit and use one of the Control Group hotkeys you have , + Ctrl at the same time.

Control Groups can be found in the right corner of the Options Menu.

So if you have control group 2 on 2 , you use CTRL+2.

Now that you've set a control group , you can press 2 to select the unit you just assigned the control group to. You can do a control group for each Meepo or two for groups of two so you split them faster.

I make one control gruop for each Meepo because it allows me to drag Meepoes out of combat when they're hurt. You should be using them on any micro hero in Dota.

Tips and tricks , Facts about Meepo.

1.Meepo can use BoTs on each Meepo! - Giving him global presence when he has the item , but makes him weaker as BoTs doesn't give stats , try to get 2 Wraith Bands or 2 Bracers if you're going first item BoTs.

2.Meepo can poof to illusions! - Next time you use that illusion rune , don't just leave it there , you can use it to TP back to base and poof back into the lane or bait someone into thinking that is the real Meepo , and then just poof in and wreck everyone , while drinking their tears.

3.Meepo is really easy to counter. You should try to go for last pick! - Don't pick Meepo into Sven , Lich , Ember , Earthshaker and Axe , you'll just ruin your own game.

4.Meepo should end the game at about min 30! - Meepo late game is really hard to win with , I have played so many games where I had 30 kills but coulnd't win because the enemy carry got really farmed - , you'd better finish the game at min 30-40!

Pros / Cons

+ can farm fast
+ can burst heroes down
+ can push really fast
+ can Rosh early with Divided We Stand level 2 and a Dragon Lance
+ very mobile and fast
+ global presence

- dying is very dangerous , as you have the most XP in the game 99% of the time and will end up being dead for a long time , aswell as feeding a lot of gold to the enemy
- can be countered easily
- requires a lot of confidence to play well , a single doubt in the back of your mind can make the game a whole lot harder , as w33haa said

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