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Naga Tank Support

June 7, 2015 by NajiGaming
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Naga The Tide Turner (Support Tank)

DotA2 Hero: Naga Siren

Hero Skills

Mirror Image

2 5 8 12


3 9 13 15

Rip Tide

1 4 7 10

Song of the Siren

6 11 16


14 17 18

Why Tank Support not Rampage Late Carry ?

Why support when you can dominate? Well after Naga's new updated "Song of The Siren" You are able to heal your whole team while disrupting the enemy team. This guide shows you how to carry the game to victory. It may seem that you need alot of farm but technically if u had fine farming skills and after level 6 gave yourself 5minute jungling you can get your core items in a jiffy!

Just Getting the Swim of Things!

Starting The Game:

Go with a Circlet of Nobility, Gaunlets of Strength, A Healing Salve, Clarity and finally a Tango. Well your Circlet and Gaunlets are used to make a Bracer for your Drum of Endurance. Your Clarity allows you to spam your spells in early laning. Your Tango and Salve will make you farm faster by not going to your base to heal. Since you level up riptide first, then you would spam it to stop the other team from farming or for taking more than one last hit.

Loaded To The Gills!

You just bought a Bracer and Arcane Boots. You are now a level 6 Naga, you go jungle with your illusions and rush your Drum of Endurance and Ofcourse your Aghanim Scepter. After these two, join team fights and start building Mekansm and get your Yasha. Continue with your Manta Style, when done get your Guardian Greaves unless you need an item from your Situational items to keep you alive. Continue to get Guardian Greaves, then your Skadi and Atlast your Heart of Tarrasque.


Remember this guide is for Naga players who are very good in placing her ultimate and chasing down enemies. Beginners should avoid using this guide.

Sleep With The Fishes!

This guide depends on team work like I said before, Wrong Ultimate timings and Fail chasings and ganks. You better not choose this build. Back to our point, for example you can counter Legion commander, your in a teamfight and your carry is getting beat down by Legion and her Ultimate, dont hesitate to use your ulti. If at this point you farmed Aghs then you will heal your whole team and your wounded carry.

Pros / Cons


~ Great Stats and Survivability.
~ Fine Damage Output.
~ Great illusion survivability due to stats.


~ Needs Good farming skills and up to 20 minutes of total farm.
~ No high damage output like a Naga Siren carry.
~ Illusions do not have a high output damage, but they have excelllent survivability.

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