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Naga Siren middle lane farmer

September 17, 2014 by Sawada
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Middle Lane

DotA2 Hero: Naga Siren

Hero Skills

Mirror Image

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Rip Tide

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Song of the Siren

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Naga Siren middle lane farmer

September 17, 2014


Naga Siren, a hero which is super duper annoying if played well.
Learning how to play her will create a unstoppable rat/pushing machine!
Please be aware for this Naga build; you WILL be farming most of your time, so please be aware of incoming flames from your teammates...

*Please note that I am writing this guide assuming people can move around the illusions separately (small guide on how to micro illusions will be uploaded soon..)
*If there are anything you would like for me to add, please do so and comment!

Game play

Starting Items
This is the classic mid item build, if you have team mates who are willing to 'pool' you 2 tangos, then that's great! You can just leave with 3 gg branches, if not, then just buy your own tangos.

Throughout the laning stage, you should focus on just last hitting, watching out for ganks and watching out for runes. You finally should end up with a bottle JUST BEFORE the 2:00 rune.

After your bottle, you should go for the staple item boots, Naga has a super fast base moevement speed, and just keep it plain until you have your radiance. Once you have received your bottle, you have two option; get a survivability item, or rush straight for the radiance (pick this option if you're sure that you will get this very soon and very confident that you will be ganked the next few minutes.)
But, grabbing a survivability item is recommended because:
>It is not too expensive, they are very cost efficient
>Once you pick up the radiance, your illusions will also be tankier because it is carrying that stat item.

Radiance has been picked up
Once you have your radiance, it's farming time. Considering that your illusions are still a bit weak, my farming pattern will be; (remember to use rip tide!)
ONE illusion onto the creep wave. After clearing, you should let the illusion follow the creep wave.
TWO illusions into the jungle; in separate camps. After clearing, there won't be much time left, so quickly move them into a different game (this is where I just rush the illusions)
OR all THREE illusions clearing each individual camps

Now, where would you go while sending out these illusions? The few options are;
> Go farm somewhere else - try to maximise as much farm as possible.
> Help your illusions clear the jungle camps, or clearing them individually
> Move with the illusion taking the creep waves

Once you are farming, you should aim for a Manta style, you don't have to be picky on which component to pick up first, because they both have their own positives. When you pick up your Manta, you can use it to farm more areas or use it to assist pushing.

If the game is going your way, you would have taken most of their towers and breaking their base. This situation you can either push with your team, or keep on split pushing.

If the game isn't, you should be playing super safe, knowing that you can push while your team can defend, and know if your team needs your help to defend. Your main aim is to do as much damage as possible, then force the enemies' tp to defend, and then you can use your Song of the Siren and tp away to safety.

When fighting in general, you can either;
> Focus all the illusions onto a very tanky hero.
> Split the illusions around to damage each enemy.
> Using your illusions to pick off easy targets.
Remember to use your net; it goes through bkb and interrupts channeling. Use riptide sparingly, once to reduce the armour, again when it runs out and finally using them to finish people off.

You can abuse your illusions to prevent initiation from the other team:
> Using radiance burn, disable blink dagger heroes.
> Forcing back because you can do a ridiculous amount of damage

Your ultimate is a strong initiation, with its huge range you can catch the whole team off to pull off a wombo combo, but remember, communication is key! And if someone uses a BKB, you can use your song, then use your net on them and your whole team can focus on that one person.

When you have destroyed the enemies' tier 3 towers, you can split yourself and the illusions out to damage every single barracks.

Item decisions

Items after getting your manta style
Assault Cuirass
Even though the illusions will not benefit for the DIRECT application of the attack speed, they will still carry the AURA where they will benefit from, and the armour reduction is good for breaking the base. Note that the aura will also benefit your allies. This isn't really high on the list on what you should buy, but take this item into consideration.
This is one item that you should 100% buy because the evasion and stats will be carried onto your illusions as well. The agility will give extra attack speed, damage and armour. This will create stronger illusions.
This item just makes your illusions EXTREMELY BEEFY, you should buy this item if you're up against natural MKB carries and/or heavy nukers. You should really pick this item up after your manta, because there are no negatives if you were to pick this up in any situation.
This items is more for your own survivability. The mana and health regen and the stats are valuable, but the main focus is top stop those pesky single target disables which allows reaction time to sing -> tp combo.
Diffusal Blade
This item is so strong. This mana burning item will be carried onto your illusions as well! The purge is very nice as well. In my opinion, this item should be picked up if you're planning on fighting more instead of split
I consider this the very last item you should pick up on naga. The stats given by skadi are HUGE, increasing the survivability for yourself and all the illusions, through the additional health and mana, armour and extra stats. The slow from the skadi is just the cherry on the top, which is so powerful as the slow can go through BKB.

Items you should avoid (reason why)
I am talking through the perspective of being an insane rat as naga. Aegis wont do much, because most of the times when people are picking you off, they'll be just camping right next to you when you are respawning. Your team will be better off if you give the aegis to some other teammate who sticks with the team.
Unless you're planning on fighting with the team, then Aegis should be in your possession.
Yes, it gives a higher GPM. Yes, it gives a high XPM. In my opinion, midas isn't worth it, the attack speed won't be carried onto illusions (the bonus is HUGE that you will notice) and you will be delaying your radiance; your main farming item (its already 2050 gold). All in all, avoid Midas.
The shield is OK. The attack speed wont be carried onto the illusions, nor the arc lightning. If you just want pure attack speed, just get a butterfly (bfly is only 300 gold more).

7th/8th slot item
This is when these are absolutely necessary, and it requires a 2nd courier just dedicated for your items.
Necro book
With the 2nd courier, fly it around into the woods, where people cannot find the courier.
Once you're in the same lane, quickly drop on of your item, and pick up necro, use it, drop the necro into courier and pick item back up.
This is when it is absolutely necessary when team fighting.
Activate song, drop item, pick up BKB, activate, drop back to courier and pick up item, and finally cancel song. Now fight.
In my opinion, Linkens can also work well with the new active skill.
All you have to do, is pick up the linkens (while dropping one item), use its active on yourself, drop the linkens and pick up your item back, now enjoy your 17 seconds of the buff.

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