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My Monkey Guide - Quick and Dirty.

February 18, 2017 by Chrisp1989
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MK Hard Carry - Quick and Dirty

DotA2 Hero: Monkey King

Hero Skills

Mischief (Innate)

Boundless Strike

1 3 7 9

Tree Dance

4 8 13 14

Jingu Mastery

2 5 10 12

Wukong's Command

6 11 16


Hero Talents

+350 Cast Range and Additional Wukong's Command Ring
-1 Jingu Mastery Required Hits
+60% Boundless Strike Critical Damage
0 Cooldown Primal Spring
+110 Jingu Mastery Damage
+450 Tree Dance Cast Range
+0.3s Boundless Strike Stun
+100 Primal Spring Max Damage

My Monkey Guide - Quick and Dirty.

February 18, 2017

Monkey King Hard Carry

A quick insert - Most of my Dota2 experience comes from playing support and PA. PA has been my go to carry for many years. When MK released i was pretty excited because of the lore behind the Hero. So, I tried him out. I Prefer laning until Im pretty much ready to carry the team ftw, with the occasional hop into a team fight prior to level 11. I play MK pretty much the same way. I hope that this guide helps you in learning MK and mastering his abilities.

Item Build

MK is a Agility Hero, so building him is somewhat like PA in the sense of starting off. I personally prefer to go with BKB after boots because i have found that trying to initiate my ult was frequently disabled by stuns, or other various ways of disabling.

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