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my guide to pudge

October 26, 2015 by Dondo
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DotA2 Hero: Pudge

Purchase Order

starting items

Boots of Speed


Ring of Basilius
Tranquil Boots

do u even flesh heap brah

Black King Bar
Hood of Defiance
Aghanim's Scepter

for da mobility

Blink Dagger
Boots of Travel
Force Staff
Eul's Scepter of Divinity
Boots of Travel 2

Hero Skills

Meat Hook

1 3 5 8


2 4 7 9

Flesh Heap

10 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

hello and welcome

The basics
I have played pudge for a while and I cant tell you much about how to hook as I was good at it from the start I first played pudge with my bro and his friend and I went mid I didn't miss a single hook and had about 15 flesh heap stacks by 18 mins
tho now I find that pudge is a great roamer or semi-support (by semi-support I mean get kills on the lane can buy wards and DONT get last hits)

do u even roam? brah

to start the match just get boots of speed and a set of tangos this will give you higher movement speed than most people and the tangos will give you basic regen.
after your first kill you just go to the side shop and if you communicate with your team you could pick up another kill (it doesn't matter who on at this point just take what you can get it will all add to the flesh heap stacks to make you tankier later on 6k health here we come)pick up the sages mask for your ring or just the ring of bassilius at the side shop this gives you 1 extra armor and that much needed mana regen from there don't get glued to one lane you need to roam to all of the other lanes too. if you see a opportunity take it. remember your flesh heap isny just the kills you get its a radius around you. just keep in mind they could have wards, smoke of deceit is your best friend.

welcome to da dis-member part

did you see the pro dondo pun?
no? nevermind
now you should just roam around if there is no-one on the lane just stay there and get some last hits until a ally shows but remember you have farm priority over support`s
when you havereached lvl 10 and have 1 point in flesh heap you use all of your money to start on you perfered item BKB, hood of defience or aghs I like to go for aghs because you don't really need the hood cuz you will be picking people off or out of the group and in a team fight if its going bad don't forget you can hook teammates out of the fight and run and you can get the bkb later, only get aghs tho if you did well early and have alot of flesh heap stacks (10+) or you could go for mobility first I like to take blink dagger and then change my boots into tp boots this gives you a global pressance so you can tp to a creep on a creep waave and sneak into the bushes and get a cheeky kill


don't forget tp boots lvl 2 give you tons of movment speed and a euls septer will add a small bit more of movment speed more mana regen and you can hook enemies out of the cyclone. if you want more chase and escape potential you can get both blink dagger force staff if you get all of these no-one will be able to catch you (not even bloodseeker, well that's probably not true but... still you get the point)

the dire/radiant victory

at this point you don't need any thing you could get a heart of tarrasque if you have a lifestealer on your team you can toggle rot and your heart of tarrasque will cause you just to stay at max health then lifestealer will have the rot aura its funny if he gets aghs and jumps inside of a visage bird but otherwise you either won or lost (probably won XD) please rate and don't forget to leave a comment

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