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My experienc with Nyx so long

July 27, 2012 by Jules#262363
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DotA2 Hero: Nyx Assassin

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Mana Burn

4 9 13 14

Spiked Carapace

2 8 10 12


6 11 16


15 17 18

My experienc with Nyx so long

July 27, 2012


I build this on my experience, I made in some games with Nyx in the midlane.
His strong site is that he can easy pick up kills in fights in 1on1 fights if he engages and he can farm on careless jungler.

Pros / Cons

+high burstdamage
+invisibel (can scout)

-low health
-high mana costs
-strong dependend on early and midgame
-don't easy to farm with him


Mid lane start equipment:
I start with base regen, 1 mantel of itelligence (for dagon and some mana) and 1 gauntlet (for the urn and some health).

Dagon for burstdamage (400 dmg) 13 int and 3 to all stats and 9 dmg for only 2805 gold.
urn for heal that you will need after ganks or some extra dmg.
arcane boots for more mana and late expansion to bloodstone with the voidstone that you need for better mana regen.

You will need the blademail if you can't kill an enemy on the first try if he starts to attack you or in a teamfight. The bloodstone is an extention of the arcaneboots and the voidstone that let you jump from gank to gank without pause and because you try kill as much enemys as possibel you will get many stacks on him.

Etherial blade gives you some extra dmg for the stun and the dagon.
Boots of travel let you stop pusher.
Linken's Sphere is exrem good because you try to avoid long fights so a bkb is not needet.
Scythe of Vyse give you a 5 sek disable.
Desolator (is just an idea) let you hit hard with your ultimate.

He's not a carry and daedalus dont work with his ultimate together


Impale: I skill it first out because it reases the damage and the stun duration till 2.77 sek

Mana Burn: it is maybe good for some lane control but on higher levels the spell just has 4 sek cooldown costs 150 mana and does like at lvl 1 the 4 time of the inteligence so it will just raise the mana consuming I only would use it with the ceeper of light who can give you mana and in lategame you wount use it that often.

Spiked Carapace:
It saves you form 1 dmg instance, reflect the dmg and can stun on lvl for 2.4 sek so why saing no to this awsome ability.

Awsome spell and on lvl 3 you can be all the time invibel I don't need nothing more to say.

Ganking and play style

You start to gang on lvl 6 if you have your ult. Try always to stun as much heros as possibel.
In the lategame your work is to look for careless jungler or enemys with low life, start with 1 auto-attack and then try to hit your stun then burn his mana and predict his next move if he attacks hit Spiked Carapace if he runs then chase.

Last words

1st I apologize for the bad english
2nd i will write on this guide
3rd dont forget to have fun :)
4th leave some comments and rate the guide

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