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My Carry Build

February 4, 2016 by DxdApex89
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JuggerNaut Carry Build (Since 6.86)

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

Purchase Order

Early Game

The End Of Early Game

Mid Game (Rush BF)

Late Game (Sell BF)

If You Control The Map

Rejected Item

My Carry Build

February 4, 2016


Hye You Alls ... My Name Is Apex89 And I Made A Guide Who Like To Use JUGGERNAUT ... This Is One Of My Favourite Hero Because Of Magnificent Ultimate But First Of All I like Its Role .. CARRY ... This Is A CARRY guide, Not A TANKER/SUPPORT/Etc Guide ...


Early Game Items
When You Respawn ... First You Buy Stout Shield, A Tango And A Quelling Blade ... Stout Shield Because of the block damage ... tango are used because if you use Healing Ward, Your Mana Will Drain So much because of His Low Mana pool ... Quelling Blade Has a bonus damage to non hero units (creeps) But If You Choose Ranged Hero ... Better dont buy this item ...
The End Of Early Game Items
Ok When You Almost The End Of Early Game ... Upgrade Stout Shield Into Poor Man Shield .. Then You Buy Yasha But Dont Upgrade It to SANGEYASHA ... Yasha can make Your AS and MS more Faster ... Then You Buy MaelStrom ... Maelstrom Can Make Your Farm Process Better ... After That ... You Try To Buy Battlefury If You Farm Faster .. If Not, Just buy Skull Basher..
Mid Game
Ok In tis Time ... You Must Rush Battlefury when You just buy skull basher .. Then You Upgrade Your Maelstrom To Mjollnir ... And dont forget to buy Manta Style ... It Can Make you to Escape from danger and Can Gank Someone Maybe At Lane Or Jungle ...
Late Game Items
This Is Late Game .. So Just Buy Monkey King Bar ... If your enemy was Phantom Assasin,You Must Buy This To Counter PA ... Then Buy Butterfly And Desolator ... If You Control The Map, Buy Divine Rapier ..
Rejected Items
Dont Buy This:
Daedalus:Bcos Juggernaut Had Already Critical Damage
Radiance:Dont Need The Damage Aura
Shiva Guard: Just DONT


>Good At First Blood
>Terrifying Ultimate at All Time
>Good At Ganking
>Blade Fury Is A Free BKB
<Low HP pool
<If Use BladeFury w/Omnislash,You Will Out Of Mana
<Item Dependent
<Team Depend On It


Ok Guys ... Thanks For Checking My Guide And I Hope This Guide You To Use Juggernaut Perfectly .. Dont Forget To Like This ... If You Have A Question .. Leave It At Comments ... Ok Thank U again ....

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