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My Build for Invoker

February 22, 2016 by DraGunnXFire
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Middle Lane Invoker

DotA2 Hero: Invoker

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My Build for Invoker

February 22, 2016




----So when i play invoker mid the first 5-7 minutes can be a pain if ur with an ember,
pudge, and zeus. DO NOT get into fights until u have 2 forge spirts and cold snap
even then be careful.


---- The Eul's is ur best friend. The earlier u get ur Eul's Scepter the better so if ur
getting good farm in get that before boots. After you get Eul's and u get 2 forge
spirits (which u get by getting lv 4 quas and exort) you will also have a very
effective meteor. So make sure u have Spirits and cold snap ready then be ready to que
you meter for impact on ur enemie. Before you attack ur opponent get the abilities i
just said ready... attack as in this order... que spirits and cold snap, spawn spirits,
que meteor, go in and Eul's your enemy, meteor immediately after, cold snap ur target
and hit him with ur spirits and ur right click. Your opponent wil be sure to die.


Urn of Shadows- I have over heard a few people say that urn triggers cold snap when used on an enemy affected by the spell try it out for your self. i have not used it personlly

Radiance + octorine- this is a great combo for staying alive on top of ur spells because a radiance is magical dmg and octorine heals you for doing magical dmg.

Blink and Force staff- to help get away from unwanted fights,

necronomicon- helps with pushing towers.

Eul's- can allow you to evade stuns like alchemist, some ults like sniper and zeus, and silences like blood seekers and death profit.
- Can also give you some time to escape or que another spell.

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