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My Blood Seeker Build

July 18, 2015 by Aguythatlikespancakes
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DotA2 Hero: Bloodseeker

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My Blood Seeker Build

July 18, 2015


First of all, blood seeker is an agility carry capable of stopping anyone in their tracks. His ultimate allows for great control over his target and his blood thirst allows him to move quickly around the map, making him a big threat in other lanes for possible ganks. From the abilities that blood seeker has he doesn't really need to build up damage in the early game, focusing more on movement speed and survivability. However, in the late game it's best to build him with damage, as his first ability benefits from it greatly, and allows blood seeker to nuke his target extremely easily.


Starting Items: I have decided to choose healing salves and tangos to help in the jungle or give extra regeneration in hard situations in lane. They're not needed but it is always good to keep one tango on yourself in case of any ganks or hard lanes. The Stout shield helps with jungling as well as taking last hits without getting harassed as much. The quelling blade is picked up usually in the jungle to kill camps faster, and i wouldn't recommend it in lane as blood seeker already has enough increase damage spells to help him get last hits. Sentry wards are useful in jungle to de-ward any ward in there, and wards are useful mid to expect banks, especially as you're a melee hero.

Core Items: Sange and pasha allows blood seeker to move even faster around the map, helping him to get kills and catch up to any targets if his ultimate is on cooldown. He also benefits from all the start given to him. BKB is picked up for the bonus damage which synergises with him as well as the spell immunity which allows blood seeker to move freely in fights, which is really important. Ring of Aquila can be picked up in lane to get more mana regeneration for spamming your blood rite and the bonus damage as well.

Boots: Phase boots are the best choice. They synergise with the bonus damage and increase Blood Seekers movement speed, however if you want to go for more survivability as well as damage early on you can pick power treads. Lastly, Boots of Travel obviously allow blood seeker to split push and increase his movement speed, also a handy pick especially with Radiance.

Situational- Early/Mid Game Items: Hand of Midas can be picked up for faster farm if you're hoping to get Late Game Items without roaming quickly. Not as recommended as most of you're abilities are for getting kills, nevertheless if is decent to pick up. Poor Mans shield gives you the extra survivability against harassment and provides you with 6 bonus damage from the agility bonus. SB/Blink can be picked up in case some heroes can quickly escape your presence before you're able to ultimate them, a good example being Storm Spirit. Lastly, the Radiance should be rushed if anything. It is an expensive Item to split push with. In the new 6.84c patch it shouldn't be as vigorously used however a decent pick up anyways if you can't find pick offs or no fights are happening.

Situational- Late Game Items: Butterfly obviously gives even more movement speed and helps to fight off carries, and a great 1vs1 pick up. Daedalus can be picked up to synergise with you're 1st ability and also to nuke target even further. The MKB can be picked up casually, however it's usually better against heroes like Phantom Assassin. Divine Rapier can be picked up, with you're high movement speed and BKB you are really survivable. You are safe to pick it up however don't take it casually!!!! Heart of Tarrasque is good when you need even more survivability, and as you already have a lot of damage you won't lose anything by picking this. Maelstrom is good for further split pushing lanes, or have some AOE presence, however Mjollnir can also be picked up it isn't recommended. Silver edge is a follow up to the Shadow Blade that you can buy, really simple. Or against strong passive abilities, such as Bristle Back. Linkens Sphere is good when there are spells to lock you down which go through BKB, such as Beastmasters Roar. Really useful and give 10 bonus damage.

Utility Items: Blade Mail is good when you're being focused in the early game without you're BKB or Linkens. It can save you're life especially that you can quickly go back in health if they decide to attack you through it. Force Staff is really old however pushes the target for him to take more Ultimate Damage. It doesn't give any bonus effects useful for Bloodsucker apart from that. Euls, good for bonus movement speed and mana regeneration if you spam you're blade rite. It can also act as something you can save yourself with when being focusd. Vlads is useful to go for Roshan or against high HP targets which you can't kill as easily, and you can't benefit from your first ability. Really rare pick but can turn out useful.


Blood Rage: Increases the damage you do by 25/30/35/40% and take by 25%. It heals you buy 25% of the enemy targets health when you kill them. Upgrading this is stupid as you won't benefit fully from it early on and you will become very squishy if you rely on it.

Blood Rite: Deals pure damage in an area after a few seconds. Really good nuke early game and late game, with a long silence added for each level you get 3/4/5/6. This can be used to get creep last hits and to start fights. Insane ability unless the enemy have BKB's.

Thirst: Simple, gives more damage if an enemy is below 50% hp by 10/20/30/40 (Stackable through heroes) and bonus movement speed 10/20/30/40% (Stackable through heroes). Any enemy hero below 25% HP will be visible even if invisible. Upgrading this is a smart idea for the bonus damage when early fights are happening.

Rupture: Deals pure damage if the enemy you cast it on moves. It lasts for 12 seconds and is impossible to avoid unless you teleport away with a tp scroll. Blink abilities or push abilities don't work, makes it one of the best control abilities.


Blood Seeker is a great Hunter for enemy heroes. Currently he's not played as much in pro play as he's best used in split pushing strategies, however he is picked for his hero nuking potential. One of the best when he hits level 6 after Bounty hunter, who's picked more as he can roam and go for fights early. He is good to play with friends to get easy roam kills early on, snow balling blood seeker from kills. There surely will be people who say 'Hacker', but of course it's just the amount of kills gotten early. He should be played as a carry and nothing else. His nuking potential is good, but not good enough to be considered a regular mid hero.


-You can escape BloodSeeker easily buy carrying a TP, as bloodsucker has no stuns, however BloodSeeker can easily get a skull basher which is a great way to nullify what the enemy does to escape you.
-BloodRite is one of the best ways to win a fight in Roshan. If the enemy is inside you can easily use it and confidently go in, unless the enemy have BKBs. If not, they will all be silenced and take considerable amount of damage for a team wipe.

You can easily force your target who's effected by BloodRite to move to a different location or move back with BloodRite. It's an obvious fact however i notice some people use it to deal the damage with BloodRite rather than move the target where they want them to be.

Items (extra)

Why I didn't pick certain Items:

-Satanic: You're paying for one of the most expensive Items just to get life steal you already have. Vlads is fine as it's cheap however getting a Satanic especially that you're not even squishy makes it a bad pick.

-Heavens Halberd: Great Item, however doesn't suit Blood Seeker. He is a nuker but a carry nevertheless, and getting an expensive item like this against a carry that BloodSeeker should't have a problem in the first place is really absurd, and in the late game to waste a slot on it is terrible. It's way better for a tank to get it, or an actual strength hero.

Urn: You don't need the bonus mana regeneration as you won't be spamming abilities when ganking anyway. You're HP regeneration can quickly go up with life steal and using up a slot to heal someone else in an engagement should be the role of a support.

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