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My 20-30 kill Tusk build

September 13, 2014 by james9oo0
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My Tusk

DotA2 Hero: Tusk

Hero Skills

Ice Shards

2 4 7 9


1 3 5 8

Tag Team

Walrus Punch

6 11 16


10 12 13 14 15 17 18


Tusk can be the coolest character you've ever played, he's loads of fun even when losing. In this guide I'll show you my way of using him to get 20-35 kills in Hard bots with a limited amount of deaths.

Pro & Cons and how it affects the game


[*] Loads of Fun
[*] Excellent ganker
[*] Deadly Ulti
[*] Great for team fights

Ymir the Tusk is an amazing ganker, with the move snowball a team gank is prominent. His ulti Walrus Punch is loads of fun. When the enemy dies with Walrus Punch its good for a laugh for both sides (Or good for some raging because of its stun and slow).


[*] No escape route
[*]Mana struggles
[*]Can be raged at for Snowball
[*]Item dependant

Tusk can be quite an asset but he can become a huge liability. He does not have an escape route if the fight begins and you team is losing, tusk stays and dies. However this can be fixed with a few items assuming you can get the money. Be careful starting off as the enemy team can get fed VERY quickly. Your skills may not be always available so use them wisely until you have decent mana regen.

Item Build

Starting Off

- An obvious choice giving survivablity in any lane.
- Unfortunately one of Ymir's main cons is his lack of mana which justifies the Clarity. (Depending on the situation might be a good idea to get 2)
Gauntlets of Strength
- This provides much needed attack damage and health regen, also gives a chance to get bracers early on.
- I get this mostly to get cheap bracers but it does provide all attribute boost which gives a faster mana regen

Must Have

The must have items are basically the core items and the stuff u buy depending on your situation. You should be able to buy all these items when you get to lvl. 15

Drums of Endurance
- Tusk is a natural ganker and a very strong team player which makes the drums of endurance a natural choice for him. It provides attack speed movement speed and adds to all attributes. Providing much needed mana regen and pimping you out.
Mask of Madness
- The mask of madness allows tusk to really get quick kills so the enemy doesn't get away on a gank and the enemy cannot save your target.
Phase Boots
- In the case the enemy is getting away phase boots are there to help! Combined with the speed of mask of madness tusk becomes incredibly fast.
- This item is a personal favorite of mine. It provides some extra attack damage and loads of regen both health and mana. I usually get this as quick as I can to cope with the mana regen requirement
Force Staff
- This item is well suited to Tusk as he needs a way to escape and it boosts his intelligence providing even more mana.
ALTERNATIVE - You could get the shadow blade instead however this does not give you mana, your choice!
Urn of Shadows
- This item is well suited to all gankers (Pudge, Mirana) and is a very cheap useful source of health.


Although there is only one item if you get this item than you'll essentially be an unstoppable ganker

Battle Fury
- This item combined with all the attack speed and attack damage above is devastating. Ymir's ulti Walrus Punch will be so strong that one kill can take away at least 1000 health probably more.

Skill Set

Tusk' skill set is a set to behold but using them wisely is the key to winning.

Max out ice shard and snowball as quickly as possible first snowball than ice shard. Anytime his ulti is ready to be leveled up level it up. Frozen sigil in my opinion is not that useful, therefore its upgraded last. It can be quite an asset late game so use it than. Tusks moves come in combos:

[*] My favorite! - Hiding behind a clump of trees use snowball, when the snowball hits your enemy hero, use ice shards, immediately after use walrus punch, activate mask of madness.
[*] For fast heroes or heroes that see you - Use ice shards, immediately after go into snowball and go early (press w press on enemy hero than press w again), use walrus punch, activate mask of madness and phase boots
[*] Team Fights- go to your melee team mates and activate snowball. use walrus punch on lowest health hero (for the kill) and use ice shards to stop all hero's.

Thanks for Reading!

Thanks for Reading! Feel free to leave you thoughts and in the comments

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