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Multiple Ways to Seer

October 4, 2012 by Wazok100
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

Jungling & Main builds

DotA2 Hero: Dark Seer

Hero Skills

Mental Fortitude (Innate)


4 8 9 10

Ion Shell

1 3 5 7


2 12 13 14

Wall of Replica

6 11 16


15 17 18

Introducing myself

Hey everyone,
I'm Wazok100 and I'll be your guide into this guide involving your way to seer with... Well, Dark Seer.
I played for the 2 past months and DS is actually my favorite hero, and I think i'm not doing so bad, that's why I'm doing this guide for all of you today!
By the way I'm not english, so please, forgive me if I made some mistake when writting this guide.

Introducion Dark Seer

Dark Seer is a support/ganker intelligence hero, which relies A LOT on his ability and micro-management.

This guide is here to learn you how to build and play Dark Seer your own way, efficiency.

Starting Items

Since I have set up 3 ways to play Dark Seer, with 3 alternative of the same core, let's start talking about the starting core.

I take at least 1 Stout Shield and 1 Tango. Those items allows you to both being aggressive, and to f*ck up with ennemy early harassing. Tango is there to make you able to last longer on the lane, you have a HUGE mana pool early game, and you have to remain in lane long enough to "waste" it.

Now let's talk about the 3 alternatives way :

Jungle :
Well it's actually just the core, but you still have enough monney to buy a courier. Avoid buying a flying courier, you'll just make you're team unable to use it properly, which would be a really shame, so you better buy a second animal courrier, no matter how you might get flamed.

Laning :
Even if I prefer to jungle with him, Dark Seer is a real monster in laning phase. His spells are really effective, they help your carry to farm well - If he is good at last hitting he will have no problem - and make your ennemy unable to farm, whitout taking at least a nice amount of damage.
-> That's why you're taking those clarity potions. I already said that Dark Seer have a huge mana pool. Well, for jungling it's really great. But if you want to lane at your maximum efficiency, you'll have to stay there longer, and spam your spell more and more. That's why it's needed. Iron branches are here just because they give stats, and stats is gud.

Midding :
Let's start by my own opinion of Dark Seer mid :
I have no f*cking opinion of how is Dark Seer mid. I've never been mid with him. But hey. What if he was godlike at mid? Well that's why I've set up a build for it.
So... Now you're no more in a duo lane, you don't need to harass you're ennemy the same way.
But maybe you're opposent will feel the need to rape you to the death, that's why you take Salve and 3 Iron Branch, just because of you're own safety.

Early and Core Items

Just like for Starting Items, the core build have some alternatives, depending of what is your role in the game.

Core of the core :

Vanguard is THE core of the core for Dark Seer. Let me explain myself.
Most of the time, with Dark Seer, you'll want to be the more aggressive possible, since it will help your carry, A LOT, and maybe make your carry able to have the first blood. The thing is that your main damaging spell only hurt ennemies near you. So you'll get hit. A lot sometime.
And so that's why you go vanguard : Life + Life regen + Block = Awesome.

Normal boots are just fine, you'll be able to do the whole game without upgrading them. (Don't do that tought)

Jungling :
A bottle. It's you're godlike jungling item, and that's why you have yo buy a courier and to micro-manage him. I'll explain later how to jungle with him, so, just be a little patient.

Laning :
I've put phase boot in core, because they are the only boots who will fit what you want.
You want to, if your lane is being ganked, be able to Surge your carry, and not yourself. So you'll do it and then... Then what? No Surge for you? ****, ennemy will certainly kill you, or at least make you unable to stay in lane. And then you tell yourself you would've love to have phase boots right now. That's why.

And why do you take Scythe of Vyse? Well, while laning, you're main goal is to be really agressive (as I said tons of times). So you'll initiate a 2v2 with your lane opponements, and you will not have any advantage, since it's 2v2.
But Vyse allow you to make it a 2v1 for a couple of second, and that's just great! You'll put ion shell on yourself, engage with vacuum, and then morph the squishiest one and focus him with your carry. Easy Kill.

Midding :
In mid, boots will be a little differents, since you're alone, and you're able to cast Surge on yourself without any sacrifice. Boots of travel are a effective but expensive choice to make. If you go for them, just do it, but AFTER your core is done.

Why Linken's sphere? Well, there, it's really easy to explain. Champions you fear the more to mid against are the Lina/Lion like. Those with one or two epic toaster spell. Linken's prevent you from being zapped out of the game... Every 20 f*cking second. Badass spellshield CD you say?

Others item

You're supposed to be a support, donc forget it. If you can set up some map control, at least at bottom rune while jungling, people might like it A LOT. So if nobody already did, it'll be your mission to buy wards for your team.

BloodStone : Well in fact I wanted to put it the core, but I didn't because of some reason. You see, this item is great! Huge mana & Life boost, as well as Mana & Life Regen and an awesome epic bonus of mana regen which depend of your participation in the game. So you're supposed to have a great amount of charges at a point. But if you don't feel like you're going to have a lot, just don't buy it. If you don't get BloodStone charged, the efficiency decrease a lot for the price it cost. And that's bad for you.

Manta Style : Yes, Dark Seer isn't an Agility Carry, don't worry, we still are in Dota 2. But hey, know what? There's an item in the shop which allow you to disturb even more your opponents! It create 2 illusions of yourself, you can Ion Shell them, Surge them, disturb the ennemy by making ILLUSION EVERY WHERE WITH THAT + ILLUSION RUNE + YOUR ULT and you also have some nice stats boost and movement speed. But don't buy it just because of all that. I mean, you have to master your micro-management very well for it!

Scythe of Vyse : This item is usefull, but only when your team don't have more than 3CC, if your team have more, it'll just be a big mess of CC and there will allway be some wasted. That's why it's not in the core. I recommend to buy it if you're going to engage, since you're be able to vacuum + morph one ennemy easily.

Radiance : Omagad. You can say whatever you want, this item IS great for Dark Seer. It allow you even bigger farming, much more efficiency in team fight (hey let's shield myself, and the tank, and rape them.).
It have a much larger area of effect than Ion shell, and it'll seriously shine in team fight.

Refresher orb : Since you don't have any passive spell, this is great for you.
The best way to use it is to Ion shell + surge yourself, rush in the ennemy team, put your wall, refresher orb, second wall a bit further, and revacuum to avoid ennemy from running away, and put your second shield on whatever you want. Great initiation way.

Linken's Sphere : It's not in main core because most of the time (Allway, except when you're mid) epic toaster will not focus you. But they will focus the carry or someone who have some burst. That's why it's important to have a lot of micro management, and a lot of illusion. Bursters are the one you want to be disturbed by your MIGHTY MAGIC.

Heart of Tarrasque : A great late game item. Buy it only if you want to say forever on lane against the whole ennemy team, and if you already have a lot of life.

Situationnal for MID :
Blood Stone : I've say somethings about it earlier, just buy it if you think you can go and get some kill, or make successfull ganks.

Force staff : Can be great on mid. If you successfully combo it with you Wall + Vacuum, it'll be an epic win for ya.

Hand of Midas : Well, I think it's never a bad item to get. Making a sbire or something else giving you 5 times what he usually give you is not a so bad thing. And it's not an expensive choice.

Shiva's guard : This item can be really great. But don't buy it too early. It have some nice utilities, such as escape, chasing, or just for some more farm and harassement in lane.
You can buy it if you're laning as well.

Pros / Cons

Pros :

-OP in team-fights
-Have a nice arsenal of usefull spells with short cooldown
-Ganking machine
-Easy jungle

Cons :

-Can f*ck up a team-fight and give the advantage to the ennemy team
-Very vulnerable against CC
-Smarters ennemy will counter you

So Dark Seer is a hero who can as well carry his whole team and himself to the win, as well as one who can give a easy win for the ennemy team, if played bad.


This guide is a work in progress, please, don't vote already, it's not finished.
I'll complete the guide later and as my knowledge of Dark Seer grow.
But you're free to comment and tell me what you think about what I've already done, if you do so, thanks!

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