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Mrmeows's Mainly Carry Nyx Guide

June 28, 2013 by Targnil
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Carry Build

DotA2 Hero: Nyx Assassin

Hero Skills

Nyxth Sense (Innate)


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Mind Flare


Spiked Carapace



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Mrmeows's Mainly Carry Nyx Guide

June 28, 2013


Hello everyone! this is my (well not technically mine) first guide on dotafire! I wanted to upload my friend's typical skill and item build for a carry-like Nyx Assasin. Originally he just bought boots of travel, and the third level primary attribute items for the hero he was playing, (Staff of Wizardry if int Blade of Alacrity if agi, and Ogre Axe if str) that, as you can imagine, led to many losses, later on he built overcomplicated builds for many heroes, but this is the one that started it all. And don't call me stupid if you don't agree with this guide, I didn't make it.

Item/skill build explanation

Boots of Speed: Boots 1 can be very useful early game for both early game ganks, and escaping ganks.
Bottle: Bottles are very useful for if you want to impale-harrass early on, MrMeows really hated consumables, he could never decide when to use them, bottle on the other hand isn't entirely consumable.
Yasha: extra chasing power, extra damage 'nuff said.
Boots of Travel: very useful for chasing, and if you die, you can get back into battle quickly, or if you nearly get killed, you can TP back to fountain.
Dagon: Murder on a stick.
Maelstrom: I'm not sure why he sometimes got this. I think i'll remove it from the guide.
Linken's sphere/ Heart: Great for not dying.

Typical gank sequence

Hit vendetta first, attack once, then impale, then dagon them. autoattack if they're not dead yet, if they're still not dead, and chasing is hopeless, then use mana burn.


Thank you for reading this guide, vote up and leave a comment below, I hate getting down voted, but not receiving any feedback explaining the butthurt.

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