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Mr T.'s Riki 6.86

March 1, 2016 by Tronux
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Utility and damage by Mr T.

DotA2 Hero: Riki

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Early oov for pressure/fb

TB = key! fast roaming/reg

Roam or farm

Basher >= diff

eos = sick team utility + dmg

Damage focus

Hero Skills

Smoke Screen

4 10 13 14

Blink Strike

2 8 9 12

Cloak and Dagger

1 3 5 7

Tricks of the Trade

6 11 16


15 17 18

Hi folk's

Check this out.
Riki is very strong this patch. One of the best offlaners and roamers.
I've succesfully ran him as a position 4 roaming mid/rune control.

This guide will give you the mindset and the knowledge to play Mr R.

Gameplay position 3

As a position 3 (offlane):
Preferably you want to 2-1-2 so you get some farm and can roam early, not to mention the dewarding/rune control.

But solo is also very viable vs most setups. If they play perfectly with vision and constant near-tower play you can abandon your lane for a mid gank. (early tranquil boots or even a tp if you dont have tb's at that specifiq situation)

Solo (ward the small camp), your focus must be positioning and awareness of missing enemies. Next getting exp and when possible last hits/deny's! Not taking unnecessary damage before tranquil boots is also key for staying in exp-gain range.

After hitting lvl 6 you shouldn't dessert your lane unless you can tp into a gank/saving a teammate. Keep farming unless your lane is pushed you can roam fast with TB's and a tp.

Gameplay position 4

As a position 4 (roamer/supporting the support). Try to help your offlaner / mid gain an advantage. Focus more on creating space and denying the opponents to pull camps. Exp and gold will come easy as map control pays off and in return kills happen.

Pressure opponents, deny creeps and rune control.
Getting the rune at minute 4 and 6 is huge.

Item explanation

Why early orb of venom? Minute 0 rune first blood is realistic. Allows for early roaming kills.

Stout shield is a very good if you go solo offlane. But otherwise I don't run it because you are not really in heavy attack situations (ulti).

I usually rush Tranquil boots because of the regen but if I see ability spamming opponents I buy a wand first.

After TB,OoV,wand and or stout shield I go aquila. It gives everything you need and is very cost efficient. You need the mana regen, extra stats and the aoe armor boost is nice.

Your big item is Skull Basher. But why SB > Diffusal blade?! Versus most opponents that stun can net you the kill. You don't really need the dust dispell. If you die under dust usually you initiated at a bad moment or you would have died anyway.
With your ulti you usually stun 1-2 times which is not the case with Diffusal blade.

The next item Eye of Skadi makes you such a strong asset for your team. Slowing and attack speed slowing whilst giving your decent damage and toughness.

After this item your team should win most team fights really.
You can chose for damage with Crystalys or go for team defense boosting items such as vladimir's offering if your team hasn't one yet.


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy games with this build.
Yours, Mr T.

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