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Mortred's pub guide

August 9, 2012 by Mathwolf
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common pub

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

Purchase Order

vang + bf

Ring of Health
Phase Boots
Battle Fury
Black King Bar
Monkey King Bar

Hero Skills

Stifling Dagger

1 3 5 7

Phantom Strike

2 12 13 14


4 8 9 10

Coup de Grace

6 11 16


15 17 18

Mortred's pub guide

August 9, 2012


Mortred is a classic pub DotA carry that people play a lot. But most of PA in pubs are ****. They fed to much and ended up not doing anything to the team. PA is an easy hero if you know the basics. In this guide I will share my way of playing her. I might not be the best but I am sure I am relatively good based from my statistics. My current DOTA 2 account name is [MY]SeeGeeLoter. Feel free to see my past games with her.

Pros / Cons

+ Awesome chaser.
+ Amazing slow.
+ Able to farm like a range heroes with her dagger.
+ Get exponentially strong with each level.

- So easy to fed with.
- Melee carry.
- People will most likely to nuke you first.


Why blur over phantom strike?
The reason i max blur is to give extra survivability in the laning phase. Yeah that blink is awesome to getting kills but if you want to play her right you should not be focusing on killing heroes early in the game. Getting creep kills are way better than risking your life on ganks. 1 level of it is good enough if by any chance you have got an opportunity for a kill. To farm well you have to spam the dagger, hence your mana will be low most of the time. Will you able to spam that lvl 4, low cd blink? No you wont.


Most people will generally rush Battlefury with PA. While Battlefury is a great item for PA due to the cleave, it is not the best item to rush. What she needs is items that allows her to farm safely and get early kills. Hence it is really good to get vanguard and phase boots. The build order is:

[ring of health] --> [phase] --> [vanguard]

Vanguard? Phase boots? Like seriously? First of I will justify my phase boots. If you calculate the damage to gold ratio for items, you will find that phase boots give you more damage per gold than most items. I have done a table and it sits on top 5 of the list. And the phase is also very helpful for melee heroes like her. You do not need any attack speed item on PA since she already got attack speed from her phantom strike. Secondly the vanguard. I will say I buy vanguard to her for the same reason people get it to heroes like AM. Vanguard makes it really hard to get a successful gank on PA thus allowing you to free farm anywhere on the map. You can also jungle with vanguard if needed. Opting for damage and ignoring survivability all together what makes it really easy to feed with her. Really, you do not need to much damage early on. What you need is farm.


[perseverance] --> [battle fury] --> [BKB]

Now that you have got stronger (level gain), it is time to get that cleave and extra damage. Since it is probably mid or late game, there are more creeps in every lane so it is optimal for cleaving. I do not need to elaborate on BKB. Ask any pro, it is core.

You next items really depends on the situation you are in. Get lifesteal if needed, but trust me vanguard is enough in most games. You already got around 12 hp/sec from BF and vanguard.

Creeping / Jungling

I will make it in points so it will be easier to me and you even.

For laning:
1. Go to bottom lane.

2. Spam you dagger to last hit.

3. Get quelling blade and possibly stout.

4. For noobs, do not go for last hit when theres only [1 friendly creep] vs [2-3 enemy creeps + enemy heroes behind]. you will die and that one creep kill is not worth it.

5. Try to be passive in last hitting if you do not have ring of health yet.

6. Do not let enemy creeps attack your tower. make their aggro towards you and fall back to in coming friendly creeps. it will be difficult to farm if your tower fell.

7. Keep your calm when some ****ty support is ruining your last hit potential by mindlessly attacking creeps and making the creeps health bars amazingly difficult to predict lol!!!

1. Do know that jungle is a viable farming spot for PA.

2. Jungle when you get phase + vanguard.

3. Opt for jungle when it is not safe in lane. go back to lane when its safe.

4. If your team has got ******ed amount of carries and they are stealing your lanes, go full time jungle.

5. Know your strength, go for easier creeps first if your dps is not that great. do not waste time on harder creeps if you can not handle them.


I will give some quick points to keep in my whenever you play her.

1. Get at least 60 creep kills (cs) at 20 minutes. 60 is quite bad to be honest but it will work in most games.

2. Get at least 200 cs at 40 mins.

3. If you are killing people, ignore (2) since you have got more by killing, but keep the cs high also.

4. Do not die late game. You can die 1-3 times early game but do not ever die in late game if possible. In late game the death penalty is so huge, it make you lose games.

5. For noobs, in early to mid game, go crazy on farm whenever you see 3-5 heroes on the opposite side of the map (1-2 heroes are able to kill you if you played right).

6. Do not use 'stop' button for last hits if you did it just because you saw pros use it.

7. Do not initiate. Wait for you team mates to dive in first.

8. Pick you target in team fights. Generally jump to heroes that are being focus fired or squishy supports.

9. Do not go baller unless you have BKB.

10. Like all carries, no matter how farmed you are but you can not get the positioning (in big team fights) right, you are going to get pawned, bashed and pulped to death. This is IMHO the most important skill to have if you play a carry. It determines how effective you utilize your farm.

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