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More AoE than you can shake a stinger at!

February 10, 2012 by Earthshaker1234
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Sandstorm Murmuring

DotA2 Hero: Sand King

Hero Skills


1 4 8 9

Sand Storm

2 3 5 7

Caustic Finale

10 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

The Sand King and why we play him(pros)

Sand king is a monster initiator that when played correctly can pull off some serious damage.

-He has a short range blink that stuns and damages all enemies in it's path.

-He can escape/avoid those w/out stealth detection/AoE with Sandstorm

-Sandstorming on your tower can save it with well timed fortification

-Mid/late game he can quick push a lane and backdoor, with Battlefury and Caustic Finale 3 hits clears minion waves

-HIS ULT... The AoE slow of his ult coupled with it's damage is great for ganking and greater in teamfights!

Why Execution is key!(cons)

As Sandking you need to know your limits. I'll explain them in order of importance.

-HIS ULT... Sandking must channel for a short time before his Ultimate even starts. If you are disabled/stunned/mini stunned/moved/silenced during the channeling your ultimate will not work. Whats worse is your must wait for the full cooldown timer to do it again.

-His orb(Caustic Finale) isn't always relevant in fights and can even be useless

-Wards/dust/gem make Sandstorm almost pointless

-Melee strength casters have a hard time farming early against double ranged lanes

The Right stuff

Sandking is an initiator. Which is something you should remind your team of right off the bat. They need to know you're the one who's going to get things rolling in a team fight.

Now in order to do that you are going to need to know how to do it!

-For Max Damage

After getting a blink dagger. Think of yourself as Pudge. Possition yourself unseen by the enemy team in range to blink in. Start your ultimate watch the channeling, the moment it's down blink onto the enemy team. Now as Quickly as possible Burrowstrike as many of them as you can and hit sandstorm. This puts out 142.5 damage per second for the duration of your ult on top of the 210 you did to all that you burrowstriked.

-Going the distance

When your team is been so bold to initiate with/out you (happens all the time ESPECIALLY after you just devastated them them the first fight) start your ult from a range that is equal to blink + borrowstrike

-Pesky roamers

If there are ss/mia when it looks like a teamfight is about to go down. Sandstorm in position to to ult in. Wait for the cooldown then start.

Getting Farm(Early Lane)

You might find yourself as a melee caster getting harassed a butt ton when you go in for last hits and denies. There are a few ways to deal with it.

1) Mind games! Go in for your last hit, immediately after u get it if you were harassed, Burrowstrike them land a melee hit then sandstorm. Against most enemies this will make them feel helpless, and think twice about interrupting your gold hording.

2) Pushers on their side =( This can be a problem. But sandstorm is the fix. Just troll it up. Sandstorm at your tower. They'll either wise up and start just last hitting. Or you'll get low cost easy farm.

3) Auto attacker on your side m(_ _)m The few... The proud... The noobs. Sandstorm just out of the range of their tower's vision while you attempt to educate them. On a side note... All of you that I have attempted to teach but didn't give a @#$^... I hate you.

Why all this junk?(items)

for a little more sustain and last hitting power.
pop it and Sand Storm get the best heal for your buck and stay close enough for exp.
Early cheep regen makes for early kills in my experience.
Chicken(donkey) deliver the parts stay in lane. More last hit power. Also justifies not taking stats early, Sandking needs the stats for a bigger mana pool.
You can choose to go right for blink. I don't if the enemy has boots already or a speed steroid skill.
Bread and butter... Ult+blink=win
Keeps you in there and builds into Linkens or Battlefury.
I like to be able to go where I want to with the teleport. Also the move speed difference from other boots will keep u on top of people while ulting if you're slowed in most cases.
Regen, damage and cleave. Push a creep wave in 3 hits. More AoE in teamfights.
A little bit of everything and the Ult buff. I get this when all is going well and my initiations are ripping up the enemy.
If the game has gone on this long you need to be tanky to survive initiating.
Makes you even tankier and allows your carries to do more damage

Situational ****ola
This is something I get when I'm getting shut down. Say I start to ult and there was a Bounty Hunter standing next to me the whole time waiting for me to. It's a good item but I play more aggressively than it allows early game.
Playing against a good pudge? That fat man has insta hooked me out of his team a few times the moment I blinked in. Linkens now blocks AoE too... So if you think there's going to be more than one spell that stops u dead in your tracks you need this.

That's all Folks

If anyone has anything constructive to add please feel free. If u know of a cheep/free program that I can edit the replays with(that works with dota 2) please let me know ^^

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