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May 3, 2013 by Numeta
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Ward tank.

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

Hero Skills

Blade Fury

1 3 5 7

Healing Ward

2 4 8 9

Blade Dance

10 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18


May 3, 2013


Soul ring- This will allow you to spam Blade fury as you please. The activation and mana refund of soul ring match the cool down and mana cost of Blade fury, it will also allow you to use your healing ward and omnislash if you ever need some burst mana. This dramatically beats going early stats on juggernaut.

Tranquil boots- These give you a giant lead in movement speed early on, which with juggernauts Blade fury will allow you to combo on lane opponents with ease, on top of some added sustain with the activation of Tranquil boots combined with healing ward you will never have to leave lane. Soul ring and tranquils allow you to farm infinitely.

Poor Man's shield- This item adds +6 damage and will keep you from being bursted down by your enemies. Combined with juggernauts high base armor you will mitigate a high amount of early auto attack damage.

Armlet- The most cost effective damage / survivability item in the game. Provides 40 damage, 400 health and 25 attack speed with 5 armor. When active it will make your healing ward heal upwards of 110+ health per second, out healing the drain of life on armlet. You'll also be able to clear ancients, Roshan , and towers when healing ward and armlet active. Truly an insane combo.

Desolator- Is pound for pound the most cost effective damage item in the game. 60+ damage and -6 armor will allow you to catch up in damage for dumping 2600 gold on Armlet and will sync well with your later Vlad's purchase for orb effect.

Vlads- Great team buffer, great item for desolator carriers. This will also buff your team with armor and damage, and lifesteal for your partner melee heroes.But more importantly you become a totem of buffs with your healing ward. You single-handedly keep your team alive with your abilities and items.

Power treads or Phase boots- After you disassemble your Tranquil boots for your vlads your choice of boots are preference to your liking.

Butterfly , Mjollnir or Aghanims- At this point you want to pick up your crowning DPS item to destroy all in your path. It's truly preference at this point. I prefer Butterfly, but all 3 candidates are equally strong.

Mjollnir- This will make you into a lightning tank! Combined with healing ward you'll get a ton of work out of the Mjollnir buff and a ton of lightning pros when you use your Omnislash

Butterly - Insane attack speed, damage and evasion!

Aghanims - For those who want to have fun with Omnislash :3

Note this is a power lane build, not a carry lane build!

Soul ring + tranquils offer insane sustain. Maxing healing ward keep you from having to to go base to heal. Armlet will give you insane early health and damage, when active healing ward will heal for 100 health a second.

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