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Mommy Enchantress Pub Carry

October 14, 2012 by MKAY
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MoM Enchantress

DotA2 Hero: Enchantress

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Mommy Enchantress Pub Carry

October 14, 2012


Enchantress is definitely one of my favorite heroes. She can be played as a jungle support/carry/semi-carry. She is a major threat early with the use of her enchant spell on neutral creeps who have stun/slow/immobility. Most people utilize Enchantress as a jungle threat and tower pusher in the mid game but this build will show you guys how to use her as an insane damage dealer.

Mask of Madness

The core item for this build is Mask of Madness. The increase in atk speed + impetus deals major amounts of damage. MAKE SURE YOU MICRO SINCE YOU WILL BE TAKING MORE DAMAGE. Since you have scepter, your range is increased therefore you will be standing further from your target.

Usually I complete Midas, Power Treads, and Agths Scepter by about the under 30 minute mark. One game I completed these at about 23 minutes*.

Once you have MoM:
1) Stay in the back of your team, let them initiate.
2) Pick off someone with your slow spell.
3) Activate MoM and impetus and watch as you destroy them.
- don't hit ppl who are magic immune (BKB, Repel, etc.) because impetus won't activate.

TIP: Mask of Madness increases your MOVEMENT SPEED also! Use it to escape or gank with slow. But be careful to watch your HP. If needed or if you are too scared, activate your healing spell while you attack them with Mask on.


Make sure you buy wards sometimes since you're farming mass gold with midas! Plus your teammates won't be mad at you for not zapporting! I always upgrade courier and buy 2-3 sets of wards for the team.

Just a few of my games with this build.

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