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Mobility Carry Tiny

September 9, 2012 by mtzgr
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Carry Build

DotA2 Hero: Tiny

Hero Skills


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Tree Grab

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Tree Throw

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Mobility Carry Tiny

September 9, 2012


This is guide to play Tiny as a mobile, hard-hitting carry. Basically every other guide for Tiny was just the cookie-cutter Arcanes/Blink, which is fine if you're just playing as an initiator or ganker for your team, but if you're looking to carry and wreck the **** out of everything, it's a waste of your potential. I've only been playing Dota 2 since January, and I don't claim to be an expert. This build is more or less a copy of coL.TC (also successfully used by EHOME.LaNm at TI2). Either way, it's what I've started to use while match-making and I've had a good deal of success and a whole lot of fun.


I take a third level in toss before grow; it seems more beneficial because ganks/team-fights are usually going down right around then, though since grow increases toss damage, this may just be stupid.


So Phase/Drums are really good for increased mobility and damage, and once you have them up you shouldn't be having too much trouble with mana as long as someone on your team has got Arcane Boots. Aghs is next for stats, cleave, etc. At this point your item build can vary. I grab Yasha for the increased movement speed and to help mitigate Tiny's decreased attack speed. Once you have Yasha you are going to fly across the map, and your presence and ganking ability is scary. After that I build a Hyperstone (building eventually into an AC), and you pretty much destroy everything; towers, heroes, everything. Usually around the time I get the AC completed the enemy base is getting knocked down; if not, finishing a Manta will probably guarantee rax. I listed a BKB because depending on team compositions and the situation you're in, it might make sense to grab one after Aghs (or maybe even before), but I've never had to pick one up.

This is just how I've been running Tiny.

I added a section for the games that run extremely long (I've never played a game with this build that has); pretty much any of these items will fit the bill. I think Daedalus would be my first choice, but you can build whatever you want at this point, depending on the situation and what you need.


I'm a scrub. I've played roughly 600 games of Dota, so this guide isn't at all supposed to be taken dogmatically, I just noticed that a build like this was missing from the Tiny section. Everything is up for discussion, so let me know what you think.

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