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Middle Lane Brewmaster Guide

January 11, 2015 by DarkNero
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Brewmaster

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Quelling Blade
Stout Shield

MidGame Items

Aghanim's Scepter
Phase Boots
Blink Dagger
Drum of Endurance

Late Game Items

Aghanim's Scepter
Black King Bar
Blink Dagger
Heart of Tarrasque
Boots of Travel
Assault Cuirass

Another Choice for Late Game

Boots of Travel
Black King Bar
Shiva's Guard
Heaven's Halberd
Aghanim's Scepter
Blink Dagger

Situational Items

Assault Cuirass
Heart of Tarrasque
Heaven's Halberd
Shiva's Guard
Abyssal Blade

Hero Skills

Thunder Clap

1 3 5 7

Cinder Brew

4 12 13 14

Drunken Brawler

2 8 9 10

Primal Split

6 11 16


15 17 18

Middle Lane Brewmaster Guide

January 11, 2015


Brewmaster is one of the most fearsome durable initiator hero in the game. It is quite hard to master but with practice it can be handled.
This guide is a MidLane Competitive Brewmaster guide.

Pros / Cons


-Great initiation strength.
-Strong from early game to late game.
-Excellent abilities agains right-click heroes without mkb or bkb
-Too hard to hit (With drunken haze and drunken brawler)
-Good chasing abilities with 2 slow and a dagger
-Keeps all of its aura-effects in ultimate form
-Can interrupt enemy farm (Considering MıdLane)


-Can be countered easily with insta-silence
-Vulnerable to disables
-Has mana problems in early game
-Its power reduces in over-late period.



-You are not on the safelane so you do not have your supports to keep your enemy away. Thus you definitely need your stout shield so that you can stay on the lane longer. Tangos will also help you do this. If your last-hit abilities are good you do not need your quelling blade. Otherwise it is also essential since you need to overwhelm your enemy.(More farm and more denies)

-The mana pool of brewmaster is quite small. You may think that arcane boots might be usefull. That is a no no no! A bottle in early phase will help you about health and mana and you will have a support with arcane boots. The boot you need is phase boots. Brewmaster is all about chasing, initiating and surviving. Arcane boots wont help with you any of these. My suggestion is Phase Boots with more speed and phasing ability to slip throgh all units. It will increase your chasing, initiating and surviving abilities. As you level up your mana pool will be alright.



-Blink dagger is a definite core item for brewmaster. You can also buy drum of endurance. It is not as important as dagger but it will increase your mana pool and stats, making you more durable and faster. You may consider buying it before or after the blink dagger.

-Another suggestion is force staff instead of drum of endurance. It will make you more mobile and have the ability to rescue others. But you will lack the stats that drum of endurance give you.

-Next item as significant as blink dagger is Aghanim's Scepter. Brewmaster is all about its ultimate. You will play the entire game with your ultimate so this item is really important. It gives your ultimate forms all of the skills you have, making them hard to control but strong enough to change the tides of the combat. Never consider not to buy it!



Until this period you must have a phase boot, aghanim's scepter, blink dagger, bottle and drum of endurance(force staff or whatever helps you according to your game)
-I suggest ***oult-cuirass since its aura wont disappear when you use your ultimate and this is a quite beneficial feature for the combat. It will also help you deal more damage with increased attack speed and armor reduction by using your critical attack.

-Heart of Tarrasque will be a good choice since you regenerate in your entire ultimate time. If you use your ultimate when you have low hp, you will have almost full hp when your ultimate ends. As will make you more durable and a better tank, other players in your team can benefit from your auras for a longer time.

-You may consider buying Shiva's Guard or Heaven's Halberd accourding to your gameplay. Shiva will give you another important aura that can be really devestating againgst right-click heroes on the other hand if you are having trouble with only one right-click hero you can have Halberd.(You must observe that hero's bkb cooldown and activation time)

-Travel Boots instead of Phase Boot is a good choice in late game since it will make you much more mobile and let you be on everywhere needed.

-You do have your ultimate and protection skills but you are also vulnerable to silences and disables. That is why bkb is another core item for your item build. You may choose not to buy it until late game but this item is really important. You may not die because you dont have your bkb but you wont be able to help your teammates, making you lose the combat.



-The first skill you must max is thunder clap. Good nuke and slow(both as and ms). It helps you harrass your enemy, creating you a space.

-There is a common mistake about drunken haze. You must give one point to this skill when you are level 2. Remember you want to win the midlane and no one has a true strike at that time. %45 miss is a great thing with only 50 manacost.(Dont spam it. You have small manapool)
I suggest you use it when the projectile of your enemy is fired(If your enemy is a range hero)
It will also have a chance to make that attack miss.

-Spend one point for drunken brawler at level 4. Watch the timing and harras your enemy with a %100 critical hit. Also this skill will give you evasion and help you stay on the lane longer.



-You are the initiator of the team with your dagger. Blink, thunder clap and ultimate. DO NOT DELAY your ultimate. Brewmaster is vulnerable to disables and insta-silences. You may get silenced just because you delayed your ultimate for a critical hit or drunken haze. Also your ultimate will be more efficient when your enemies are slowed by thunder clap.

-You need to be everywhere after the laning period. Harrassing enemy carry, killing it or its supports. Brewmaster is capable of doing them at the same time with your ultimate. just clap and press the ultimate skill button.

-Tab button(or whatever you choose instead of it) is really essential when you are changing between your ultimate forms.

-You may consider to be the second initiator. This is actually recommended but it cannot be achieved in every game. You can let your teammates initiate the game and then come with a blink dagger, clap and ultimate to create a chaos for your enemies. This is actually important because your enemy will confuse who to attack or retreat. You can use that advantage to avoid silences and disables from confused enemies when you are using your ultimate. Another option for you to jump in is to wait for the enemy disablers to be disabled. This can be occured by playing with synergic heroes.

Hero Synergy


You are the mid hero and you dont need any support to babysit you during laning period. These heroes are good to play with after that.
-Tidehunter and magnus can be a good choice for a teammate but tide is much more reliable because of the area of its ultimate. This will help you avoid disablers and silence.

-I also recommend earthshaker, windranger for their long range stuns but again earthshaker is more reliable. These will also help you avoid insta-silence and disable skills.

-Clock can be a good option because of its ultimate to let the agro on him or Doom to blink and doom the disablers.



-For the laning phase heroes with harrassing skills(instead of right-click harrassing) can be really bad for your lane farming. Viper, zeus, krobelus can make you angry by their spells.
-After the laning phase heroes such as silencer,skywrath and doom can be devastating for your ultimate. Their silences have almost 0 second cast-time. If the players have good reactions you cannot use your ultimate. If you have bkb sky cannot silence you but silencer and doom can!
-For your ultimate mod, phantom assassin with bkb and fury can be really hard to play against. A couple hits with at least 1 crit and 2 of your spirits will die except earth. You can void this by gameplay but it will keep you away from other events on the combat.

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