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Mid Pro Sniper

December 28, 2016 by ariandimas
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Easy Mid For Sniper

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Purchase Order

Starting Item

Early Game

Middle Game

Late Game

You can change Desolator to Eye of Skady

Very Late Game (Lane Sweaper)

Hero Skills


1 13 14 16


3 8 9 11

Take Aim

2 4 5 7


6 12 17


10 15

Hero Talents

+6 Shrapnel Charges
+125 Attack Range
+35 Knockback Distance Headshot
-1.5s Assassinate
+40 Attack Speed
+20% Shrapnel slow
+25% Cooldown Reduction
+20 Damage


I am ariandimas and you can add my steam as Alt+F4 and I and I will give you guide if you like to play in Mid As Sniper.

This is my First Guide I Made So I am still learning to create more Guides

Hope You Guys Likes My Guide :)
I very appreciate any votes from you Guys :)
I Accept any Recommended and Suggestion From all of you guys :)

Why I Choose Talent Like that?

In Level 10 I Recommended to Increase the Attack Speed Cause In that Level Sniper Attack Still Like a ****.

In Level 15 I Recommended to Increase Sniper Health Because In Mid in Early Game Sniper mostly Ganked and that's why I Recommended you To have Escape Item to Escape and Avoid to be ganked (High recommended to buy Shadow Blade).

In Level 20 Most Of your Teammate was Fight you can steal their kill and escaping enemy with Assassinate and That the reason you should decrease spell Cooldown.

In Level 25 I can say that 4 shrapnel is not very Effective cause I rarely using it.

Pros / Cons

- Best Ranged Heroes
- Easily Avoiding Close Combat By Blinked(Blink Dagger) or Invisible (Shadow Blade)
- Kill Low Health Enemy Easily with High Damage with Assassinate Skill

- Very Low Movement
- Worst Nightmare Hooked By Pudge (Mostly In Mid)
- Easily Ganked in Mid (Ward Needed)

Skills and Talent

Sharpnel creates a shower of explosive pelles from charges (normally 3) over a specific area. This Skill is perfect to give damage to larger groups of creeps and/or heroes and to push towers. It can easily be combined with stuns.

Headshot does greater damage and may stun your enemy.

Take Aim gives a longer attack range. With upgrade 3 you can attack without being inside their attack range! Great for pushing and killing pushing enemies.

Assasinate BOOM HEADSHOT! This skill allows you to take out any hit enemy over huge distances. It also gives true sight and if combined with Aghanim's Scepter it can hit multiple targets at once after spotted in one area. The Shot/s takes about 1.7s to release and deals huge damage.

RED : Skill
GRAY : Passive

Important Tips

Make Sure You Dont Die (Even Feed Your Enemy)

You Need Money Fast as Possible (Recommended To Farm)

Make sure you have escape Item (Blink dagger Or Shadow blade)

Also DONT DIE if you have Divine Rapier in your inventory

Why 2 Divine Rapier And Aghanim's Scepter

Each Divine Rapier costly Damage 330. If we had 2 Divine we had 660 damage
(can added Daedalus for Critical Damage)<-- Also Recommended

And Why Aghanim? It will change to area target(Multi-Target). If All enemy in Same Area You can Use your Ulti and BOOM, Easy Rampage.


(2 X 330) + 230% = 1518 Damage

You can Also Had 2 Daedalus which will be

1518 X 230% = 3492 Damage

So you will have 2 Divine Rapier, 2 daedalus, Aghanim's Scepter, Power Treats in the end Of game

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