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Mid-lane pusher vs PUDGE or SNIPER

April 6, 2014 by Divine Wind
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Divine Wind

DotA2 Hero: Keeper of the Light

Hero Skills


1 4 6

Blinding Light

Chakra Magic

2 3 5

Spirit Form


Mid-lane pusher vs PUDGE or SNIPER

Divine Wind
April 6, 2014

'Divine Wind' - A midlane Starter that gets ahead of all others!

This 'Keeper Of The Light' has bite!

Now if Riki is on your side he'll love your 'build' as you'll be doing all the maiming and he'll be doing the finishing. (Note: My pet hate is invis characters who stand aside watching the fights and who do not participate... but THIS BUILD will have him being your buddy.) OR if Riki is on the other side... he'll get maimed in your wave of wild bright horses and he'll stay away from you. :-)

Take the midlane starting position... as you're a 'Samurai on horseback' and not the usual 'Support' who buys the courier / typical 'ward buying' slave.

Skill 1 - Illuminate. Hit the first wave of creeps (and usually the enemy hero) Gulp a 'Clarity' potion whilst last hitting the wounded creeps-which then gets you...
Skill 2 - Chakra Magic. Double-click this to be ready for another 'Illuminate'.
Skill 3 - Chakra Magic...this makes you independent and gives you the ability to not have to ever buy Clarity potions ever again!
From this point on... harrass the enemy mid-laner as best you can... Illuminating (releasing your tidal wave of spirit horses) at every opportunity, and standing by your tower whenever you're scrolling through your shopping list in order TO GET 'Vladmir's Offering' +15% damage aura.
EVEN AT THIS EARLY STAGE OF THE GAME... as your creeps push the enemy hero behind their tower HIT IT once/twice then retreat to your side of the river. It all builds up and you'll get their 1st tower down. GUARANTEED.
GOAL: Obtaining Level 4 Illuminate with the +15% damage from your NEW cloak kills the early wounded heroes or sets them up for your team-mates who'll sing your praises.
SWAP LANES and give your mates a helping hand.
--Boots Of Travel...Teleport you from top-to-bottom lanes killing waves of creeps...
--Yasha gives another +10% movement... (see this guy gallop away?! Hell yeah, I LIVE!)
--Helm of Iron Will...helps you regen... and brings you close to -50% damage which compliments the life-steal you already have from 'Vlad's Offering'.
GUIDE: Use your Ulti SPIRIT FORM -- aim ILLUMINATE and gallop off = Dead creep wave.
DREAM BUY (late game)...DESOLATOR with its armor reducing ability can subdue even a tanky late game URSA or PUDGE.
You'll take pleasure in saying "That was the 1st time I've died this game" Get off my case I'm a SAMURAI!"

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