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Mid and Ganking Techies

August 8, 2014 by Vtec9168
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Mid and Ganking/Initiating Techies

DotA2 Hero: Techies

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Mid and Ganking Techies

August 8, 2014


Since Techies is the most anticipated hero coming out to dota, I thought to myself that I might as well make a guide for it. I do not have much experience with this class, but I feel that this build would be great at setting up kills. This build requires you to go mid and gank a whole lot, and try not take all your carry's farm as well, you are very item independent and will fall out late game. During Teamfights, you need to blink yourself into the midst of the enemy team, put a static mine, and then (if you dont' have a force staff or shivas) commit suicide. If done correctly, it would effectively do a 6 second stun to 2 or more of the enemy team, almost assuring that they will die in the teamfight.

Remember that you can use techies mines for pushing too.


Due to Techies low mobility and high mana cost, he requires a lot of mobility items as well as intelligence/mana regeneration items (e.g Euls). Rushing a blink dagger on Techies is utmost essential, as it greatly increases his ganking potential. Remember, as with any other gankers, you may need to purchase smoke to bypass the wards that they put down.

Here's a list on why i put certain items on the list:

Euls: Euls on techies is a very good item, as it not only gives him great mana regen, it also allows him to set up for an easy static mine on the opponent.

Bloodstone: Bloodstone in general is a great item for most casters, as the extreme mana regen is very useful. This is no exception to techies, and the ability to suicide makes this item incredible on techies.

Force Staff: Since techies you'll be using blink to jump in, your only other option to getting out would be if you placed a very good static mine, or if you commit suicide. A force staff allows you to escape initiations without worry, or allowing a teammate with low mobility (e.g sven, lifestealer) to initiate.

Shiva's Guard: Since you'll be blinking into the midst of the enemy team anyways, slowing their attack speed and the move speed can be useful for you and your teammates.


Although most people max their suicide skill first, I personally dislike it as a form of ganking. Indeed, the skill is very effective for the first 15 minutes of the game, but the moment your opponents hit around 900-1000 health, your explosion itself wouldn't be enough to kill them. However, maxing your static mines (if placed correctly) would almost assure a kill for your team (as long as you communicate), as a 6 second stun + your mines is normally too much for your opponents.

This goes without saying, but you should always remember to put mines at the rune spot, as they not only give vision, but they can punish opponents for stealing your rune.

Another note, during the laning phase, you should try to put a mine next to the enemy ranged creep, in hopes of when your opponent comes to take a last hit, it blows up on them and deals a big chunk of their hp.

Remember that you can use techies mines for pushing too, so if the enemy mid leaves for a long time, remember to punish that by pushing his tower.


As with other gankers, teamwork is utmost essential for techies. You are almost unable to kill someone by yourself, as your nukes have too long of a cooldown, and you have god awful base damage. Remember to notify your teammates when ganking and make sure that they understand what they need to do to secure the kill.


In summary, techies has the potential of a great ganker as well as initiator. His ability to stun enemies for 6 seconds is amazing, and his potential nuke damage is also incredible. Furthermore, his ability to creep clear as well as push towers is phenomenal, which gives him great versatility. I hope when techies is released people would use him in the same way i envision it, as I feel it's the proper way to play techies, not the mine-spamming harassing annoying techies that most people intend to play it (As it serves little purpose except the enemy suddenly getting blown up)

Thanks for Reading!

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