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Micro Master! A guilde to dominating with Meepo

August 8, 2014 by Donutluvin
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Micro Master! A guilde to dominating with Meepo

August 8, 2014


Before I begin a word of warning:Meepo is NOT for new players and requires very good micro skills

Despite this, with a few games of practice Meepo becomes one of the most fun and satisfying heroes in the game to play, even if your team loses the game.

In this guide, I will outline on some micro strategies, how to use his items, and how to lane and jungle AT THE SAME TIME

If you are a first-time Meepo, I recommend implementing this guide with a couple bot games beforehand, in order to get used to managing your meepos and getting your ganks down.


+Extremely Fun and Satisfying to play even when losing
+Essentially the strength of a whole team in one hero
+Can get more EXP per min. than any other hero if micro'd properly
+Make the enemy team S*** their pants at the sight of you

-Requires lots of microing
-Require some prior practice to use him effectively
-If one Meepo dies, they all die
-Extremely susceptible to AOE

Laning with Meepo

Like I stated above, Meepo is the most micro intensive hero in the game. However mastering this means you will be able to receive the benefits of jungling AND laning at the same time.

As Meepo, you most ALWAYS want to play the safe lane with a support babysitter.

Getting Divided We Stand ASAP means you essentially never have to leave your lane. While one is getting last-hits/EXP in lane, the other can go back to base and heal. Once the Meepo in lane gets too hurt, simply poof the one from base to the frontline and send the hurt Meepo back home.

Tranquil Boots should minimize the need for this. If you are winning your lane with minimal harassment, this allows you to receive EXP/Last-hits from the lane MEANWHILE your second Meepo can solo poof-jungle, using Tranquil Boots to regen himself.
*Sometimes to reduce the amount of micro, you can set your laning Meepo to follow your laning partner to avoid enemy damage while still getting lane EXP.

REMEMBER any Meepo can not only poof to any other Meepo, but also poof to THEMSELF, doing damage both on the departure and arrival. Once you start getting more Meepos, this gets very deadly, coupled with multiple Geostrikes you and your fellow Meepos become a formidable foe.

Ganking and Managing your Meepos

First off, I set each one of my Meepos to its own control group, mainly using the main Meepo for initiating a gank with the net and for using Mekansm when needed. You can see how to select control groups in your options, and to assign a selected group to a hotkey just "ctrl+(insert control key here)" Then whenever you hit that key, it will select that group.

Although initially poofing all your Meepos seems difficult, it is actually extremely and suprisingly SIMPLE. TAB IS YOUR BEST FRIEND Tab will quickly select the next Meepo. Ganking with Meepo is as easy as follows: Land Net-Poof-Tab-Poof-Tab-Poof-Tab.... etc. until all of your Meepos are in the fight.

Usually if they don't die from the poof damage, it is only a matter of a few hits to finish them. If your enemy is especially slippery, and if you get good at microing, you can throw in another net. You essentially have 5 nets and 5 poofs at your disposal because each Meepo has his own individual skills and cooldowns.

If microing your Meepos becomes too overwhelming, I sometimes send all except my main Meepo back to base, allowing me to focus on landing a net, and only then poofing the rest of your Meepos back on the poor unsuspecting enemy.

Item Usage

-Reduces early game harassment and makes jungling much easier
-I get Aghanim's before Mek because that extra Meepo provides a lot of DPS
-VERY useful in sticky situations and if one Meepo is getting pounded on; plus provides aura regen
-I swap my tranquil boots out for Power Treads after I get Mekansm because it provides more DPS and the Mekansm provides proficient healing
-Basically any item with aura is useful to Meepo. Vlads grants aura lifesteal, Assault Cur. grants bonus armor and attack speed, and Pipe is useful against AOE spells.

Meepos Enemies

Like any hero, he has his counter picks. Basically anyone with good AOE abilities can mean bad news for Meepo. I will not name them all but here's a few to avoid:

Thanks for reading!

Once you get some practice with Meepo, he becomes the most fun & satisfying hero in the game. Hope this guide helps you Happy Poofing!!

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