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Method to my Madness! (Disruptor Jungle) WIP

January 2, 2017 by ElloAcornLove
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Jungle Carry

DotA2 Hero: Disruptor

Hero Skills

Electromagnetic Repulsion (Innate)

Thunder Strike

1 3 5 7


2 9 11 14

Kinetic Field

4 8 13 16

Static Storm

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+150 Static Storm Aoe
-12s Glimpse Cooldown
+0.5s Thunder Strike Slow Duration
+2s Kinetic Field Duration
+1.5s Static Storm Duration
+275 Glimpse Max Damage
+10 Thunder Strike Damage per Strike
-3s Kinetic Field Cooldown

Method to my Madness! (Disruptor Jungle) WIP

January 2, 2017

Caution: This build is still a WIP(Work In Progress)!

Hey guys! Welcome to my very first build guide! I am still crunching numbers and working out the kinks in this build. This Build DOES work in theory, but I've only tested it in Bot matches so far.

Without further ado, The Guide!


Disruptor is often played as a Hard Suppor as his Stats, HP, Mana, and Damage are quite mediocre.

The main problem you are going to have is at Early game. Disruptor just doesn't have the HP to take hits from the Creeps, nor the Damage to finish them off quickly. Play it safe and cautious in Early - Mid Game. This build aims to make Disruptor a Late Game Carry.

Since this is an Experimental Build, and breaks the Meta. Please notify your Teammates ahead of time; otherwise, they will think you will play as a Support.


Starting Items:

Tango - As the game goes along, you may need to buy 1 or 2 more just to be able to keep in the Jungle.

2x Iron Branches - great +1 all Stats, just sell them when running out of space.

Ring of Protection - The +2 Armor should help reduce the damage taken. This will also Build into the Iron Talon.

Quelling Blade - This is to Build into the Iron Talon quickly.


Early Game:

Iron Talon - If you are able to get the Bounty Rune, then great! Buy the Recipe ASAP, and send that Courier running! You should be able to get your Talon just before or after Creeps Spawn. If not, then you've gotta farm as carefully as you can until you get that extra 100g.

Soul Ring - This item is purely for the Mana Regen as well as the Burst Mana. Please do use Caution when using Sacrifice as it can lead to being killed by Creeps. If you are more in need of Mana, then build this first, if not, Tranquil Boots.

Tranquil Boots - This item is great for keeping you in the jungle as the Regen should just blast you back to above health in a matter of seconds. Using Skills does not trigger Break. I recommend waiting for Break to come off of CD and heal, then use Sacrifice, heal, use your Q, and then start to attack.


Mid Game:

Dragon Lance - The added Stats do little for you other than make you tankier and faster. What we are aiming for here is the Range to keep you at a nice safe distance as you pick off enemies.

Force Staff - Great for Escapes, and leads into Pike. The Stat and HP Regen is also great for our once squishy disruptor.

Maelstrom - This is to quicken your Jungling capabilities as well as give you some Push Power. This will build into your Mjollnir.


Late Game:

Hurricane Pike - You can honestly build this asap as the Recipe is only 250g. Frees up space in your Inv.

Mjollnir - Great upgrade for Maelstrom. Gives an already Electricity Themed Hero, more electricity! Use the Shield on any Melee Carries for Initiation, or for Escaping as a means to deter being attacked.

Assault Cuirass - As the saying goes, "The best defense is a great offense."

Aghanim's Scepter - The Upgrade is absolutely amazing for Initiating a teamfight. It will allow you to Silence + Mute.



Bloodthorn - This sweet Cherry on the Top gives you an added Silence, True Strike, and Crits.

Boots of Travel - Split Push, and TP just before a fight breaks out. you know the drill.


Disruptor's Skills are what make him a great Support, and a great Carry.

Q - Thunder Strike:

This needs to be Maxed out first as this is your only Nuke, and helps you in Jungling faster. Especially in Early game, It does more damage than your basic attack. It also give you sight over enemies who have escaped. Once you've got the +4 Hits, your Thunder Strike gives you more visibility. upon the last hit, It reveals the area showing everything.

W - Glimpse:

This is a great Escape and Hook skill. Putting a level in it at 2 will allow you to rescue your teammate(s) at your Safelane. Levelling it up essentially just increases the Cast Range, at Max, The Range is so great you can hide in the jungle and cast.

E - Kinetic Field:

This can be used as an Escape and Initiation. Use it to create Space as touching the walls is as good as a stun + mute. Great for Teamfights, Ganking, and picking off enemies that are alone.

R - Static Storm:

This ult is just beautiful if you can pull off the Combos correctly. Getting Aghs makes this even deadlier as items like BKB, Blink, and Force are no longer viable.

Skill Combo:
(With Bloodthorn)-
BT > R > E > Q and use W on anyone who was able to escape before your wall was put up. AA Smite them!
(w/o Bloodthorn)-
R > E > Q and use W on anyone who escaped. Smite Them!


Disruptors Talents were meant to make him into a better Support, and help him catch up. Using these as a Carry turns him deadly.

Level 10:
I prefer getting the +60gpm as it allows you to get your items easier, and less farm intensive. The 100 Cast Range to me is not necessary as it it mitigated by the +140 Attack Range of Lance/Pike.

Level 15:
This is really more up to you. I prefer having +200HP as it makes you take more hits, but having -30 Respawn is good too to get back into the game faster. If you have been pushed hard, then the -30 is preferable over the +200.

Level 20:
I literally searched up how to calculate Percentages here, and honestly it's a toin coss. The +15CD Reduc effects all the Skills whereas the +10 Spell Amp effects only Q and R. If you want to dash out skills faster then the +15, If you want to deal more Damage then the +10. Since we are building a Carry, the added damage is recommended.

Level 25:
I said it before, and I'll say it again, "The best defense is a great offense." having 8 Thunder Strikes allows you to Pop two Qs giving you 2 AoE damage sources.

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