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MelPo, Techies

December 25, 2015 by MelPo
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Techies INC.

DotA2 Hero: Techies

Purchase Order

Early First Blood

Boots(pick one)

MId Game


Hero Skills

Proximity Mines

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Stasis Trap

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Blast Off!

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Remote Mines

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MelPo, Techies

December 25, 2015


This guide will lead you on how to use or to become a pro using techies.

Techies is a Nuker. Techies can be a support. But remember techies is not and cannot be a carry.

He is a hero that makes you laugh always because of his bomb.
Roam him and plant sh***y bombs around or you feed.


To get a kill using Techies,plant as much as you want or you get trashtalked.But where?
Plant in runes,in pathways where you commonly see your enemy run,in escape routes,in secret shops,in rosh,in your tower etc. You must predict where and when your enemy will come out
or just plant.Commonly techies players usually plant thier bombs in the runes.So when enemies come and get the runes,BOOOOM!!!.

Techies must be the first one to get to the runes before enemies come.Thats why you must get tp scroll.Techies usually spent time in the jungle or runes planting bombs. You must be in lane after planting bombs because if youre just waiting for somebody to come, youre far behind or yours is like lvl.3 and the others are lv.6.Be sure you have suicide in worst situations.

You are now in lvl.6 you got your ult.Make them as your defensive weapon to guard your towers and base.
You can also use them as wards in enemies jungle so your allies can hunt them and earn money.

Enemies have bought a gem.Your DOOMED!!
No not yet GG. The counter of gem carriers is to guard your own bombs.I didnt mean to stand in position guarding your bomb all game.Is just like they're attacking your bombs or someone is attacking your bomb.Use your items like force staff.Force staff him towards your bomb and you got the gem. haha!!(this situation is also similiar to mid game situations)


Starting items11x Clarities are useful.Keep spamming your first needs a lot of mana.
TP to tier 1 tower in bottom or top lane to secure the runes

Boots choice
Arcane boots gives you 250 mana and helps you not tiring yourself going back to base.Also gives 50 movement speed
Tranquil boots gives you 85 movement speed and 12 hp regen.This helps you move and roam faster
Boots of travel makes you roam around the map

Eul's scepter gives you movement speed and cyclone that makes your enemy fly.Also gives a good mana regen.
Force staff makes you have an escape mechanism or to kill those gem carrier.
gem (you have kill a gem carrier)
Soul ring gives you mana regen and sacrifice sacrificing your 150 hp to 150 mana.And an item for getting a bloodstone

Agh's scepter gives your ult an upgrade.
Bloodstone gives you an ultimate mana regen, gives you mana and hp, makes you respawn faster and a suicide.
Ghost scepter makes you invulnerable to physical attacks and gives you stats


NEED for update because the maker of this guide is tired

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