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Meepo Top Keck

October 28, 2015 by MrModzZ
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Top Keck

DotA2 Hero: Meepo

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Most efficient Meepo guide

This guide will help you to play meepo to your full ability from being a pro to an absolute noob. This guide should help you to play him with ease and help your team win a game :) This build suggests to buy a blink dagger. Search youtube to learn how to blink poof and set up your controls to make it easier for yourself.


Meepo is an agility hero who is reliant on his HP and damage from his poof and right click to kill heros. He is squishy early game and can become extremely tanky late game as he is a late game carry.


Picking up some healh items to start with, try get rune to give you the gold to buy boots of speed, from here but aghanims scepter and a blink dagger, from here on in, it depends on the game, ***ult curas for the extra armour, hearts for the extra hp, sythe of vyse for extra manna and lockdown. Build your meepo around the game type. Aghanims is important because it gives you a 5th meepo instead of 4 without it.


Putting a point into geostrike to begin with gives you the extra damage needed early game considering you have minimal base damage. Poof should be your main damage source followed by your right click and then poofing again when the cooldown is done. The more meepos, the more damage.

Pros / Cons

Heros that I find easy to counter with meepo is practiacally anyone, except:

Creeping / Jungling

Using your main meepo to farm lane and using the rest to farm junngle is the easiest way to get high levels quickly and get gold fast. Using 1 meepo usually inst the greatest idea but 2 or more are usually the easiest.

Ranked Play

Meepo isnt usually picked in ranked but is best when picked last meaning being harder too counterpick.

Team Work

Meepo relies on a strong team to support him till the mid-late game, this requires a suport to be warding and allowing him to get gold unless meepo goes mid (I find it easy to mid).

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