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Meepo Guide

June 1, 2015 by Stevethemonkey
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I got dirt between my toes!

DotA2 Hero: Meepo

Purchase Order

To start off the game

These are my best friends(Core)

Luxury Items

Try for these

Hero Skills


2 5 8 11


1 4 6 9


7 12 14 16

Divided We Stand

3 10 17


13 15 18


I am going to show anyone who is interested, how to play Meepo the best way I how. This is a guide to offlane Meepo. Enjoy and rate if you liked it! Don't forget to comment.


These items are what most Meepo players will buy. I don't think that i need to explain the Aghs or the Vlads. Blink dagger is always a good idea because you can blink into the fight net someone, and then poof all your other Meepo's into the fight for maximum efficiency. Most of the other items always work for Meepo. I think that an MKB is a must when dealing with highly evasive heroes like PA, Riki or someone similar. Radiance as well because it will really do a number on the unfortunate hero who happens to be caught in your net


When you are playing Meepo, there are several heros that you should watch out for. EarthShaker, Timbersaw and Silencer being among them. In general, you don't want to play Meepo if there are hard hitting Aoe's on the enemy team, or single target nukers like Zeus, Death Prophet, or Templar Assasin. Those types of heros will destroy Meepo. Other then that, you should team up with heros like Shadow Shaman, Witch Doctor. Hero's who have good, solid stuns.


This skill build is pretty common, but it works. You want to max out Geostrike later because Poof and Net are more effective for ganking in the early game and therefore should be prioritized over Geostrike. You get your ult as soon as possible. This skill build dosen't take much to master. The only thing is, you need to micro manage your Meepo's. Always keep one in the lane or jungle to keep the xp flowing. If one of your Meepo's is low then send him to base while you keep your other Meepos in lane. But you should always have one in the lane to keep last hitting

Creeping / Jungling

You can jungle well with Meepo. You have to have one clone in order to do so. Jungling just dosen't work with only one Meepo becuase going in the offlane is more important at the start of the game. Once you have your first clone you can and should start jungling because you now have 2 sources of experence to work with. But you need to make sure that your clone is at the best health he can be and that he is not targeted by the enemies.

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