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Medusa Carry

June 8, 2024 by DotaCoachApp
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Medusa Carry

DotA2 Hero: Medusa

Hero Skills

Mana Shield (Innate)

Split Shot

4 6 8 9

Mystic Snake

1 3 5 7

Stone Gaze

10 16 18


14 15

Hero Talents

Split Shot Uses Modifiers
+1.9 Mana Shield Damage per Mana
+1.5s Stone Gaze Duration
+3 Mystic Snake bounces
-3s Mystic Snake cooldown
-8% Split Shot Damage Penalty
+8% Stone Gaze Bonus Physical Damage
+40 Mystic Snake Damage

Medusa Carry

June 8, 2024

Key Strategy

Key strategic elements to consider when playing Medusa

  • Secure ranged creep with Mystic Snake if contested.
  • In order to get most of the mana back, Mystic snake needs to hit heroes and ranged creeps.
  • Ask your teammates to stack for you as you can clear them early.
  • From level 5, you can start clearing lane creeps quickly and farming camps nearby to accelerate your farm.
  • If possible, farm two neutral camps at the same time with Split Shot and Mystic Snake.
  • You don`t have to skill Stone Gaze at level 6 unless you feel like you might be in danger.
  • If a neutral camp consists of multiple creeps with mana pools, Mystic Snake can regain you a lot of mana.
  • Use Manta Style with Split Shot on to farm extra creepwaves that you can`t with your hero.
  • You need not rush Stone Gaze usage in the fights. Make sure opponents are committed to the fight before you pop it.
  • Position yourself in the center of the fight to Split Shot multiple heros. Medusa does mediocre single-target damage.
  • Mana burn is a big problem for Medusa. You can itemize against it or adapt the playstyle.
  • If things are going rough, consider purchasing Divine Rapier. Works well with Split Shot.
  • Your mana pool also acts as your HP pool. So remain aware of your current mana and keep it high with clarities and lotuses.

Main Combo

Main item and ability combo

Split Shot => Blink Dagger => Stone Gaze => Mystic Snake

Further Information

You can use this guide in Dota 2 by subscribing on Steam: In-game Guide

Find out more about Medusa on Dota Coach's Heropedia

This guide was written by Hammad: View Gamer Profile

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