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Master the right-click carry: Venomancer

July 16, 2016 by Chr0n1cl3r
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Mid Lane

DotA2 Hero: Venomancer

Hero Skills

Venomous Gale

2 4 7 9

Poison Sting

1 3 5 8

Plague Ward

Noxious Plague

6 11 16


10 12 13 14 15 17 18

Master the right-click carry: Venomancer

July 16, 2016


Venomancer is generally played support. His poison wards provide vision for short periods and afflict damage over time. But itemized correctly, you can wipe the team as Venomancer.


You will need to buy a set of tangos and a healing salve to survive. Try to get someone to share tangos with you to avoid buying them yourself. After that, buy as much of RoA as you can (usually only RoP and circlet if you buy tangos, SoA too if you don't). Rush RoA, and after, buy BoS, followed up by an OoV. Up your boots to Phase boots and then rush Agh's. Once you have Agh's, begin building shadow blade. Start with buying the claymore for damage, then follow up with shadow amulet. Now, complete your OoV by making it an EoS. The rest has no specific order, for they are situational. Buy them accordingly.


When the game begins, get your poison sting first. Each level continually switch off leveling up poison sting and Venomous gale. Remember, you wont need your plague wards in this build, they are only useful to inflict your poison sting to enemies, which you can do yourself. Up your ult at every level you can, and then max out stats.

What to do

You will be going mid, so you need to be cautious if you're laning against a Pudge or Shadow Fiend. You are squishy and can die easily, but you will have a lot of DoT once you get your OoV. So harass. Right click them once and it'll knock out around 250 health eventually. You'll also want to get first blood. If you see the enemy mid leave for rune, follow them shortly after and just lay your attacks down. Don't tower dive, just get them down to the point where the poison will ill them. Master your farm, try to get every last hit and shut down the enemy mid. Always appear where your team needs you

In team fights, your job is to do a lot of damage. You want to sit in the back and slowly poison everyone. What you want to do, is poison nova the whole team, then hit them all with your Venomous gale, or right click the enemies you missed. This will ensure that everyone is fatally poisoned, and you can wail on them all with your attacks.

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