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November 6, 2012 by DrLovecraft
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Mid Tidehunter

DotA2 Hero: Tidehunter

Hero Skills

Blubber (Innate)


1 8 9 10

Kraken Shell

4 12 13 14

Anchor Smash

2 3 5 7


6 11 16


15 17 18


November 6, 2012

How to lane Mid

Basically max Anchor Smash

you will ****ing destroy other Melee mid and some squishy mids like Zeus or Prophet

dont let them bully you out of the lane, if they go aggressive on you use gush and anchor smash, that **** hurts hard early game especially vs squishy mid heroes, and once you hit 6 you can solo kill most mids with your burst damage

get a fast bottle, preferably before the 2:00 min rune, its easily doable if you get 3 branches 1 tango

you will get destroyed by strong laners like Invoker, QoP, Batrider, TA etc but if you play smart you wont get destroyed because youre tanky as ****

once you get get boots bottle, if you see a good rune or see an opening, gank a lane, most sidelane heroes will get destroyed by early high levels of anchor smash and gush and once you hit 6 someone must die on the map, smoke is a good item

dont be a ward *****, mid tide is a tanky semi carry initiator not a beta support weakling, that said if no one will buy a ward or sentries, dont be such a jew get them their cheap as **** now and if theres invis and you wanna gank, buy your own detection, dont rely on supports to buy it for you especially in pubs


once your Swag wears off and we get to the late game, you cant burst people as well now with your water **** and you will have to buy utility items and tank up now

your main role at this point is initiating, Blink is core on Tide but if youre tanky enough and the enemy team likes to initiate its not necessary, focus your nukes on supports, most likely they wont have as much HP or Armor as much as their Carries but basically spam your **** in teamfights

playing Tide should be self explanatory though, youre tanky as **** and have a Massive Tentacle Rape AoE,

Swagging so hard, bitches cant get off your dick

If youre alpha as **** and dont give a **** about everyone get Midas then Radiance or Armlet Maelstrom then get all DPS or Dagon Orchid or some **** like that, *****es love Dagon

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