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Mana Con Connery(Unfinished)

August 1, 2012 by Disfireco
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Build 1
Build 2

Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Keeper of the Light

Hero Skills


1 3 6 8

Blinding Light

5 9 12 14

Chakra Magic

2 4 7 11

Spirit Form

10 13 15 17


16 18

Mana Con Connery(Unfinished)

August 1, 2012

The name of the game is Co-Operation.

Just like the board game, if you **** up you get zapped.
To start with, you want to grab illuminate(1). It has a range of 1600 and does 100 damage.
*Hold your mouse over the skill icon to see hud outline of radius

That is from your middle tower to the bottom lip of the enemies ramp.

Takes a little bit to charge but you can hit anything a screen away. It is perfect for keeping the enemies off the creeps while hiding behind trees out of sight.
As soon as you level up grab Chakra Magic(4).

Right off the bat you can cast Illuminate Twice. That is more than enough to get enough exp so you can get Chakra in time. Once you do that you are pretty much a casting machine. You may suffer a little

Open with

Mantel = 150g, +3 int
Circlet = 185g, +2 all atri
Courier = 150g, courier
Tango = 90g, 115hp/16sec = 7.1875 hp/sec

Total = 575 gold

Skill gain:
+5int = +65mana, +5dmg, +0.2mana/sec
+2agil = +2att/speed
+2str = +57health, +.09 health/regen
+2armor = 15%physres, 25%magres //these are values for overall phys/mag res

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